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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 11:55 AM
Number of posts: 5,109

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C.O.V.I.D. alternate acronym

Conservatives Oblivious to Very Imminent Danger

Anyone else?

Trump appoints Climate Change Overseer

The success and popularity of Dr. Fauci has not gone unnoticed by the White House. Acting as a Pandemic Overseer, Fauci has brought scientific credibility to an administration lacking any shred of it previously. He has routinely sobered up the President's incoherent and blissfully ignorant messaging. Trump has seen modest gains with independent voters, while his base has remained surprisingly tolerant of the onslaught of math and science in the face of this crisis.

Looking to build on this momentum, the White House has appointed a Climate Change Overseer to clean up the anti-science and conspiratorial muck on that front.

Yeah about that Trump coronavirus approval rating

It appears that Great America PAC is running at least one of those polls. They are running ads on Fox News and do a little pitch about how you should vote when you call (vote APPROVE of course).


If only one person holds a set of spiritual beliefs...

...they are certifiably insane.

If a hundred people share the spiritual beliefs, they are a cult.

If two hundred people share the spiritual beliefs, they are a church.

If ten thousand people share the spiritual beliefs, they are a movement.

If a hundred thousand people share the spiritual beliefs, they are a sect.

If a million people share the spiritual beliefs, they are an organized religion.

If billions of people share the spiritual beliefs, those beliefs then become a default position.

The warning here is that there may be no correlation between the above categorization and the validity of the beliefs held. Majority fallacy applies here.

Anyone enjoy a Shamrock Shake today?

I had to fast for eight hours and risk venturing in to my doctor's office at noon for a routine blood test before heading back to work. The weather has been overcast and dreary here. I'd been looking forward to 16 ounces of escapism in the form of a McDonalds Shamrock Shake. I've not had one in decades and don't even remember what they taste like.

Sadly, their ice cream machine was broken.

Connect these two dots to win the General Election

Dot #1 - Trump fired the US Pandemic Response Team in 2018 and cut funding for the CDC (with even deeper cuts proposed)

Dot #2 - A glitch in the coronavirus test rollout slowed the U.S./CDC's response dramatically compared to other affected countries

Trump is trying to connect Dot #2 with Obama, which is absurd. All we have to do is establish strong causality between Dots 1 and 2 and it's all over. Put it on a bumper sticker and POUND POUND POUND it home.

Partnership for America's Health Care Future

This organization is running ads non-stop on YouTube. There isn't a lot of information about them, but they seem a bit shady.


They must be spending a fortune on these ads. I think there is some serious hand-wringing going on over Bernie. That has me thinking he's on to something with M4A (I've been on the fence regarding ACA versus M4A). Thoughts?

I believe restraint is in order when demonizing entire industries. But perhaps some swamp-draining is on order here.

Give 'em hell, Bernie!

I'm declaring for Biden for the SC primary

I do like Bernie, and the Bernie people were just at my house yesterday. Biden has more legislative accomplishments, which goes farther in my book than having all the progressive ideas. I'm looking past the election and the electability enigma. I think the Republicans will obstruct the hell out of Sanders, while the more moderate Biden can work with them to a degree.

Do we really want to start over with health care? The ACA is the established and entrenched law of the land. Replacing it with a new plan would make the new plan vulnerable to being torn down by the Republicans, leaving us exposed again. Bernie voted for the ACA in 2010 and I don't think anything has fundamentally changed to where we should format and reinstall a new health care operating system.

Go Joe!

The slippery slope of slippery slope arguments

The Republican guard dogs have used slippery slope arguments from their playbook to block common sense reforms or incremental improvements by the Democrats in may areas including:

- Gun control
- Recreational drug legalization
- Social programs / Socialism

Meanwhile, Trump has brought us down a slippery slope of anti-intellectualism. Now Bush 43 was not an intellectual, but I wouldn't characterize him as an anti-intellectual either. McCain and Romney were a mixed bag. But in only three years it has become mainstream to deny science, embrace fallacies, and even snicker at environmentalists.

Where was the Democratic Night Watch on this issue?

Talk-but-no-action candidate on assault weapons ban

I like Sanders on the environment (A+ rating from Greenpeace). I want to see this be a national priority from 2021 - 2024. I do not feel the assault weapons ban should be a priority. We need to bring the country back together and put wedge issues like this back in the closet in my opinion.

All the Dem candidates are in favor of an assault weapons ban, at least on paper. Are any of the candidates blowing any dog whistles to suggest an actual policy of inaction given the opportunity? Kind of like what Obama did?

I'm looking for a talk-but-no-action candidate in this regard.
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