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The connection between BLM and wearing masks in public

These two hot-button issues are related in a way the MSM isn't playing up much.

So it's well-established that certain groups are being disproportionally impacted by CV-19. These groups include minorities (including blacks), the elderly, those with certain medical risk factors, and others. The reasons for the impact on the minority communities may not be entirely known, but there is a clear correlation with working manual labor jobs where social distancing is not always practical.

So those who are not in these groups who choose to come into close proximity with others without wearing a mask are putting those other groups at risk. All of this has been discussed.

However, what is not being exposed is the hypocrisy of those who find excuses not to wear masks, yet simultaneously claim to "love" these groups. Trump claims that 'MAGA loves the black people'. It's apparent to me, generally speaking, that conservatives forgo masks in public more often than liberals. Where's the love? How much love can there really be when so many excuses are given to avoid this minor inconvenience, to opt out of this simple sacrifice? And at the leadership level, how much love can Trump truly feel for those whose lives apparently take a back seat to his vanity?
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