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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 12:55 PM
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Germany is #1!

Germany's 28-day COVID case count of 4,964,658 just surpassed the US count of 4,793,905 according to JHU. I don't recall a time since the start of the pandemic where the US wasn't #1.


John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise

I watched this docuseries on Peacock. There's a lot of detail, too much really. There is this previously unaired prison interview with Gacy throughout. There's really only one question to be answered during such an interview: WHY? You aren't going to get that here. Gacy basically flip-flopped from originally confessing to claiming he was largely innocent. He comes out with this huge scrapbook of notes and goes into these pedantic details that the media and the legal system got wrong about him. It's really frustrating to watch as he took zero responsibility. At the end of the day, he wasn't that interesting of a character. What's interesting is how he escaped justice for as long as he did. There were so many clues, and he was very sloppy, but the Chicago police dropped the ball. He's just a despicable figure best forgotten in my opinion.

The MSM may be gaslighting us with the NFL head coaching discrimination story

Hear me out. I don't know what the "right wing talking points" may be on this subject and generally steer clear of those on DU. I'm approaching this from a statistical perspective and not a partisan one, so I'm asking for some leeway.

The headline is basically that 70% of NFL players are African American, but only one coach is. This sounds alarming at first, until you peel the onion a bit. First, I separate these into two statistics starting with the one African American coach. African Americans comprise 14% of the total US population. If this ratio were perfectly reflected in the population of NFL coaches, that would equal 4.5 coaches. Last year, there were 3 coaches. This was very close. Then Flores and Culler were fired, and we're down to 1. These two firings (which have not been demonstrated to be racially motivated) threw off the ratio substantially. However, the pool of 32 coaches is pretty small, so this is not statistically significant.

Then there's the statistic that 70% of players are African American. This is statistically significant considering the population of over 1600 players, and I don't claim to be able to explain it. Regardless, it really isn't the case that most coaches are ex-players who are promoted. There are some examples of that, but that is not the norm. Therefore, I don't see how the 70% statistic bolsters the position that African American coaches are underrepresented. If anything, the strongest case that can be made here is that white players are being underrepresented in the NFL.

CNN is getting ready to suuuuuuuuck

CNN has crossed over into unwatchable territory due to all the commercials in my opinion. I'm not a fan of recording news or sports and really just want to flip those on in real time from time to time. But CNN's advertising is unbelievably repetitive. They have figured out that much of their target audience on CATV/SATV is the 65+ crowd. The younger audience has largely abandoned CATV/SATV for streaming services, a trend that will surely continue. So, today's CNN viewers get hammered mostly with ads for prescription drugs, over the counter remedies, and thinly veiled legal services related to mesothelioma.

Enter CNN+. Launching next Month, this will be CNN's foray into the streaming world. This is a transparent attempt to reach the younger audience. Anderson Cooper and Fareed Zakaria dance around in sport jackets in the teasers promising a more "casual" vibe.

What does all this mean for CNN viewers, young and old?

I believe it means the ads will be EVEN MORE repetitive. The CATV/SATV crowd will be hearing a whole lot more about that goddamn mesothelioma book. FFS, these are already running several times an hour, so have fun with that. They will also be pounded raw with the prescription drug ads. Only the United States and New Zealand allow these types of ads, and the reason why is painfully apparent.

So, what ads will the CNN+ crowd see? Maybe they'll get the Liberty Mutual ads, which is going to suck for them. They will probably see that banner every 5 minutes. Maybe they'll get those shitty CarShield ads too.

Both services will surely feature extensive meta-ads for CNN's own content. This cannibalization of their own advertising time can only be explained by their actual content being stretched so thin as to not fill all the time available. This stretching will surely only get worse as the content is spread across two platforms.

This is really going to suck!
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