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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 12:55 PM
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Definition of Liberty

From Merriam-Webster:

1: the quality or state of being free:
a: the power to do as one pleases
b: freedom from physical restraint
c: freedom from arbitrary or despotic control
d: the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges
e: the power of choice

All of these align completely with women's right to choose. The SCOTUS case is, at its foundation, a struggle for their liberty after the political facades are stripped away.

To prioritize the "liberty" of an embryo over that of its mother is to prioritize the supernatural over the natural world. To cite the Constitution in this incompatible and incongruous way is to defile it.

Justice of the Supreme Court is a sweet gig!

You have the prestige of being scholarly in the matters of history and Constitutional law. You are tasked with weighing the merits of competing arguments in messy legal cases that couldn't be resolved elsewhere.

Any yet, these days the average layperson can predict with a high degree of accuracy what your "decisions" will be.

Contrast this with the work product from a medical diagnostician or a mathematician or an inventor.

Also, add in lifetime tenure and you get to wear those badass robes. I want that gig!

When did you re-enter a restaurant post-pandemic and where?

I haven't been inside a Waffle House in a few years. I love Waffle House. The synchronization between the cook and the waitresses is a wonder to behold. I went inside this week and had two eggs over light with bacon and hash browns scattered covered and smothered. It was glorious.
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