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FelineOverlord's Journal
FelineOverlord's Journal
November 28, 2023

🎶 Just BE BEST, Melania! 🎶

Gutter trash got the attention she wanted today.

Anyway, I just LOVE Randy Rainbow’s take on her. It’s from 2018. It’s just brilliant.

November 22, 2023

Dem wins the Louisiana sheriff's race by ONE vote.

BREAKING: Dem wins the Louisiana sheriff’s race by one vote.

When people say that every vote counts, this is what they mean.


November 16, 2023

Eugene Vindman running for Spanberger's seat

Spanberger is running for Governor.


I'm no longer serving in uniform but now I have a new mission. To defend democracy, fight Trump and MAGA extremists, and serve the people of Virginia. I'm running for VA7!


Please give my twin @YVindman a follow and support his campaign for congress.


November 16, 2023

NY DSA thrilled with JVP "comrades" protest outside DNC headquarters last night

DSA = Democratic Socialists of America
JVP = Jewish Voices for Peace

Our comrades are in DC tonight shutting down the DNC for ignoring the 68% of Americans & 80% of Dems demanding #CeasefireInGazaNOW

NYC-DSA stands with @JvpAction
and everyone saying the killing of Palestinians must stop! We will not be ignored! 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

November 16, 2023

Jericho Steve arrested for assaulting Anarchy Princess

You might remember Anarchy Princess as the woman with the signs behind Peter Navarro


Anyway, she was apparently assaulted with a flagpole between her legs by someone named Jericho Steve (a January 6th supporter) in September.

He ran away and thought he was getting away with it . . .until tonight.

He thought going back to "Freedom Corner" was a good idea . . .





November 13, 2023

Abigail Spanberger officially running for Governor of Virginia

I'm officially running to become the next Governor of Virginia.

I'm a former CIA case officer, former federal agent, current Member of Congress, and mom to three great kids.

I know that when we rise above the chaos and division, we can focus on what matters most to Virginians.


November 12, 2023

Project 2025 - The terrifying attempt by Republicans to create a Christofascist government (videos, articles, tweets)

This is not a drill. The group has released a 900+ manifesto about their goals.

Videos (there's one on YouTube by the vile Heritage Foundation, but I'm not posting that crap) David Pakman also has a video about it, but I know some people here don't like him. So does Kyle Kulinski (married to Krystal Ball.





Twitter X

This is being discussed on X right now. The current thinking is that Tuberville's refusal to approve military promotions has nothing to do with abortions but with Project 2025.




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