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FelineOverlord's Journal
FelineOverlord's Journal
October 1, 2023

Am I the only one who doesn't find it funny McCarthy is being held hostage by thre Freedumb Caucus?

I want to make it (pellucidly) clear.

Normally, I love it when Republicans are fighting with each other (witness Michigan GOP coming to blows.)

I despise Kevin McCarthy.

I hate that he is such a jellyfish who is listening to Trump, who I believe Kevin despises.

But I hate, hate, hate Gaetz, MTG, Gym Jordan, and the rest of the vile gang of insurrectionists who are trying to pull his strings.

Many of whom I believe knew about the planned January 6th attack on the Capitol BEFORE it happened (I don't know if McCarthy knew or was part of it beforehand).

I just don't find it amusing.

I find it sickening.

September 29, 2023

Elon Musk on border patrol wearing a black hat


You could always tell the bad guy in the old western movies because he’d be wearing the black hat.


Who in the fuck does Elon Musk think he is. He’s showing everyone what a giant douche canoe he really is. He might as well be wearing a bright red MAGA hat. 🙄


Is Elmo trying to look like a Texas Ranger? What a fucking tool!


Elon Musk went to the Texas-Mexico border to do a livestream about immigration. The video had a few technical difficulties and then eventually froze.

A few minutes ago, Musk sent a three word company-wide email: "Please fix this."

On his now frozen video, Musk said he was worried there would be so many viewers that it would crash the stream. This is now a common refrain from him.

Previously on a troubled stream with Ron DeSantis, Musk and his team claimed tech difficulties were due to "melting servers."
September 29, 2023

The Wisdom of Mr. T

Some of the MAGAts are furious in the replies.


Thank GOD, thank GOD! I just got my Flu shot and COVID-19 Booster Vaccine! I feel great, thanks again to all the Doctors and Nurses on the front line! #stayinghealthy #IPityTheFool
September 27, 2023

Omar Navarro, perennial GOP candidate for Congress, indicted on 43 counts

I remember this creep. He was always so obnoxious.

He kept running against Maxine Waters.

They also charged his Mom.

Michael Flynn and his son campaigned for him.


DOJ just indicted perennial GOP candidate & conspiracy theorist Omar Navarro, who always runs against Maxine Waters, on 43 counts—including "funneling tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations back to himself through his friends & family."

They arrested his mom as part of the conspiracy.


So many frens of Flynn getting indicted and convicted. It’s almost like a pattern of corruption

September 24, 2023

Sarasota, FL is the MAGA capital of Florida (Flynn, Moms for Liberty, Rumble, Trump Media)

Previous DU threads by Zorro:



Herald Tribune link cited in tweet:


Amid ongoing crises in housing and childcare, thousands of local children, working families, and residents facing homelessness will be hurt by major cuts to social service programs approved by the Sarasota County Commission, several nonprofits say.


Ron Filipkowski:

Over the past 3 years, Sarasota became the MAGA Capital of FL with Trump Media, Moms for Liberty, Rumble & Cyber Ninjas HQing there along with new residents like Mike Flynn. Now people in the community find out what that means.

Beagles Resist:

The Flynn brigade is also trying to take down Sarasota Memorial Health Care, which did a superb job in responding to the pandemic. He should be tried for crimes against humanity for that alone.

September 21, 2023


Because the House went home for the weekend on Thursday.



Last time there was a government shutdown, 800,000 Americans were furloughed or worked without pay.

But enjoy your weekend.


NEW: Congress is officially heading home for the weekend after House GOP hardliners once again tanked plans to fund the government by the Oct. 1 deadline.

September 21, 2023

Lin Wood says news that he's "flipped" is FAKE NEWS

Adam Klasfield:

Hours after the publication of our story this morning, attorney Lin Wood confirmed he will be a state’s witness after receiving a subpoena to testify in Sidney Powell’s case — but he denies that means he “flipped” on Trump.




September 20, 2023

Freedom Caucus holding government shutdown meetings in a townhome owned by a convicted tax cheat

Link: https://www.thedailybeast.com/freedom-caucus-holds-shutdown-talks-in-a-tax-cheats-home-the-neighbors-are-pissed


SCOOP: House Freedom Caucus conservatives have been holding government shutdown meetings in a townhome owned by a convicted tax cheat — the neighbors are pissed, and it's not clear who is paying the rent. Me w/@ZTPetrizzo

A convicted felon bought the property. Now is allowing the Freedom Caucus to use it - free of charge with no rent.

That's either
1) a gift (not disclosed)
2) income (not paying taxes on it) and/or
3) a political contribution (undeclared to the FEC).


These are the people throwing the book at Hunter Biden for paying his taxes late.
September 18, 2023

Jeffrey Clark: Trump made me do it

Apparently, Clark is panicking. His court date did not go well today.


BREAKING: Jeffrey Clark is starting to TURN on Trump.

Clark now claims that he tried to get DOJ to co-sign false claims of voter fraud ONLY because he was pressured to do so by Donald Trump in late 2020.

Clark is throwing Trump under the bus.


BREAKING: MAGA world suffers another humiliating setback in court as the lawyers of Jeffrey Clark — a former Trump assistant attorney general indicted in Georgia — openly admit that they're doing terribly.

During a court appearance today, Clark and his lawyers argued in favor of moving his trial to federal court, where they hope that he can land a jury polluted by Trump supporters.

The judge, who was reportedly "visibly frustrated and annoyed" grilled the attorneys over their frivolous request so intensely and extensively that one of them muttered aloud: "This is not good.

As a general rule, if you're lawyer thinks you're screwed, you're screwed. If Clark had any sense he'd plead guilty, flip on Trump, and try to save his own skin. Perhaps he will.


Jeffrey Clark’s push to move his trial from Fulton County to Federal Court is not going well.

By not going well, I mean:

- he didn’t show up for the hearing

- Judge Jones was not inclined to enter his written statement as evidence

- the Judge also declined to admit portions of a supporting affidavit by former AG Meese

Time to pick out some trial pants, Jeff.

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