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Gender: Male
Current location: New York
Member since: Fri Mar 6, 2020, 05:33 PM
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No wonder Trump team sent the "I won the debate" email saying the media will say he lost

They long decided to make the debate a shit show and know that they would be received badly from the media and normal people.

Anyone else found the first question famed wrong?

Wallace asked why filling the SC seat right now is good or bad. Basically soft ball it to Trump to say it's his constitutional right to do so.

What Wallace didn't say is that the republicans all went the other way and opposed Merick Garland 4 years ago.

I am a moderate but I am a life-long straight ticket democratic voter as of today

Before today, I still long for the days that we get a reasonable republican party that one day I can possible choose between. But after today and the republican party's lust for power that they break all of the rules and go back to their own words, I can not see myself ever to vote for a republican again. It is more than how I lean on the political spectrum. This is not normal, this is not moral, this is against everything that is American.

I am sadden that this country has a republican party that is so corrupt and power-hungry......

Lets fight back together and eliminate this republican party. We cannot continue with this republican party.

Hillary Clinton on Rachel Maddow right now n/t

Biden leading ME-2 by 53-44 Biden +9 in new Quinnipiac University poll

Isn't this one of the district that Clinton lost that could put Biden at 270 if Biden wins AZ but loses PA?

Other polling result:

SC: Trump 52 to Biden 45 Trump +6
ME-1: Biden 64 to Trump 32 Biden +32
ME-2: Biden 53 to Trump 44 Biden +9
Maine: Biden 59 to Trump 38 Biden +21
KY: Trump 58 to Biden 38 Trump +20


U.S. Violated Trade Rules With Tariffs on China, WTO Says

Source: Bloomberg

The World Trade Organization undercut the main justification for President Donald Trump's trade war against China, saying that American tariffs on Chinese goods violate international rules.

A panel of three WTO trade experts on Tuesday said the U.S. broke global regulations when it imposed tariffs on Chinese goods in 2018. Washington has imposed levies on $400 billion in Chinese exports.

The panel said in its report "that the United States had not met its burden of demonstrating that the measures are provisionally justified."

While the ruling bolsters Beijing's claims, Washington can effectively veto the decision by lodging an appeal at any point in the next 60 days. That's because the Trump administration has already paralyzed the WTO's appellate body, a tactic that has rendered toothless the world's foremost arbiter of trade.

Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-09-15/wto-rules-that-u-s-tariffs-on-china-violate-trade-rules-kf4189y0

Just heard this on a foreign news broadcast. Is this reported in the US cable news yet? Will Trump be required to respond or is this something that they can ignore again?

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo had his daily COVID briefing updating NYers back in March and no one panicked

He kept calm and informative. Set out guidelines and let people know where the hard hit areas are. People stayed home and the curve was flattened and remained relatively good even now. Informing the public about COVID doesn't get people in a panic. Same thing happened literally around the world with other countries.

The one exception is Trump and he wanted to lie about COVID.
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