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Member since: Thu Mar 12, 2020, 11:43 PM
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One of the Myths that Fuels White Angst (and thus Support for Trump)...

...is the idea that white people will lose their majority status in America between 2040 and 2050, largely due to the hispanic population increase. That assumes though that hispanics don't melt, and will stay a distinct race.

I am half hispanic, my mom is a light skinned latina. I know many people who are technically hispanic or half hispanic and don't look nor act like it. An aunt of mine living in the U.S. is white enough to easily blend in with the white population, and one of her daughters passes easily as white (and had children with a white man, all three of them are pretty much white) and her other daughter has a boyfriend from Sweden. My partner is half hispanic, and looks white. Three old friends of mine are half hispanic and look white. Many hispanic people have children with white people, and much of the time their children look white.

I've also met many people in California that have darker skin/ look ethnic, but if you only heard their voice, you would think they were white.

This idea that minorities will drown out the european white culture in America is a myth that needs to have holes poked in it.

Why Racism In America Is Every White Person's Business

At least every white person in the 99%. This article sums up the central idea:


Paul Krugman, the Nobel-winning economist and New York Times columnist, said in his keynote address at the Economic Policy Institute’s recent conference on “Taxing the (Very) Rich”: “Race is the reason the U.S. doesn’t look like other advanced countries in terms of a social-safety net.

“It’s central to everything,” Krugman said in a speech that focused on the risks to not just the economy but also democracy itself from the hyper-concentration of wealth at the very top of the income ladder.

Connie Razza, director of strategic research at the progressive activist group Center For Popular Democracy, also addressed the issue at the conference.

Our economy is grounded in racial capitalism, and race provides an excuse for the wealthy to convince poor white folks that they don’t have the same interests as poor people of color,” she said.

Racism is why America won't dare expand welfare benefits, why it won't dare adopt Medicare for all or anything else considered "socialism" for the masses, and why it hasn't cared all too much about the coronavirus. Racism is why America won't give a shit about making itself truly great. It's ok for America to be third world as long as "those damn minorities are kept in their place!" If White Americans want their country to not descend into a bad third world country, beyond fighting with Trump, they need to fight against racism because Trump is a mere conman opportunist compared to the long term problem about racism.

Tupac Talks Donald Trump & Greed in America in 1992 Interview

Trump is the monster that the 80's created

Trump is the epitome in a nutshell of the 80's mindset: greed is good, only care about yourself, the only thing that matters in life is money.

Just look at this MTV documentary from 1989, talking about the 80's, and it looks all too familiar...

skip to 11:28

Consequently also, this mindset from the 80's has contributed a great deal to destroying American society.


That’s the attitude that every Democrat should be having!

I really don't know why people said before that Joe Biden is uninspiring...

Joe Biden is the most emotionally in touch and empathic presidential candidate I’ve ever seen, and the most down to earth candidate and also speaks pretty well in speeches. Being in touch emotionally is important in mustering passion that is the fuel for pushing for change.

If Trump and his racist supporters think that they can easily win a civil war against Blue cities...

They are kidding themselves. Yes they may have tons of training with arms, but since they are often from rural and exurban areas, they have little experience with denser urban environments, not to mention they know little about the terrain they would be fighting in. Anyone who remembers discussions about war in Iraq would know of the dangers of urban warfare. They would likely also be up against black and hispanic gangs that know what they don't know about the urban environment and their neighborhood, and many blacks and hispanics nowadays have been trained in the U.S. Military. Also, dense urban cities like NYC, Philly, and San Francisco are packed enough for people to easily hide in crevices and rooftops and easily throw things to people on the streets. Imagine how easily it would be for people in places with buildings as high as five to 10 floors to shoot and throw things to people in the streets...

Of course, hopefully the worst that will happen is that Trumps supporters will be exposed as blustering cowards (all hat, no cattle), and Trump's supposedly mighty army would buckle and he will be frog marched out of office.

What version of America are Right Wingers seeing on TV?

Being from Northern California, I've been around the San Francisco Bay Area a lot (including recently), and when I see depictions like this I can only conclude this is pure propaganda:

Most of the city is not run down and full of drugdealers. I've driven through San Francisco a lot in the past year or two and never saw anyone defecating. I don't remember ever seeing dirty needles on the floor (and I've done a fair amount of walking around the neighborhoods.) Yes there are a lot of smash and grabs but it's never a good idea to leave valuables or a backpack inside a car in plain view. Yes the city has problems, especially homelessness, and the Tenderloin neighborhood looks like somewhere in a poor third world city, but "reports" like this are a huge exaggeration IMO. San Francisco filthier and more chaotic than Mumbai, India? And about run down Democratic cities, I've seen plenty of run down rural areas just driving through Texas.

Basically though, Right Wingers have a distorted depiction of American cities by Propaganda Masters Fox News and other RW propaganda outlets, thus helping to set up the justification for Trump to send his goons into cities.

It's not just America and American Democracy at stake this year...

It's the future of democracy around the world, and possibly the future of life on earth...

This is from 2019, with the coronavirus accelerating these trends now...

"A total of 68 countries suffered a decline in political rights and civil liberties during the past 12 months, with only 50 countries registering any progress in these areas, it said. "

“Challenges to democracy in the United States have outsized effects beyond American borders,” Mr Abramowitz added. “Other nations watch what is happening in the United States and take cues from its leaders’ behaviour. The ongoing deterioration of American democracy will accelerate the decline of democracy around the world.”

“If the balance continues to tip towards dictatorship, the free societies that remain could find themselves isolated in a more dangerous and chaotic world,” said Sarah Repucci, a senior director at Freedom House.

- https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/democracy-freedom-house-annual-report-civil-liberties-authoritarian-donald-trump-us-a8763196.html

And without the leadership of the United States, as well as more of the world sinking into authoritarianism (especially right wing, science denying...) how can there be any cooperative global leadership to fight climate change?

Will the Soviet Union win in the end?

Putin is former KGB and Trump's his boy in the White House doing everything he can to destroy this country and its democracy, while Putin is pretty much restoring the autocracy of the Soviet Union in Russia. Will the Soviet Union win in the end? Will Americans let this happen?
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