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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
Number of posts: 5,302

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780,065 votes have been cast in the 2020 US Presidential election.

Voted by Party Registration
Reporting states with party registration data: FL, IA, NC

Party Count Percent
Democrats 123,126 54.3
Republicans 37,014 16.3
Minor 708 0.3
No Party Affiliation 65,901 29.1
TOTAL 226,749 100.0


Just sent a letter to the public editor for NPR

Here is what it said:

I just want to make a comment about something I heard on NPR this afternoon. It was asserted by the host of the show and her guest that there is absolutely no way that we will know who won the election on election day due to the large number of absentee ballots. This is likely to be not true. According to election analysts such as Michael Mcdonald of the US Elections Project (https://electproject.github.io/Early-Vote-2020G/index.html), most states actually have a very efficient system for counting mail ballots and will have the ballots cast prior to election day released likely after polls close in most states (ie. FL can begin counting ballots at 7AM 22 days before the election). In most states, the first results have been and will continue to be the early mail in ballots (ala the CA Democratic and TX primaries where Bernie Sanders had a large early lead based on the mail-ballots and the early vote). This is likely to account for a substantial portion of the vote totals now that most ballots will be cast by mail, and unless it is a close election, it is likely we will know based on this information who will win in the election on election day. Mail voting in states that have an efficient and competent process actually likely decreases the amount of time we will wait for most results on election day. Not vice versa, as most ballots will have been already counted before polls close.

There is also a perpetuation of the idea that Trump will be ahead on election day in the votes, and declare victory before all the votes are counted. Given the partisan makeup of the early vote in states like FL, NC and GA, it is unlikely the first results released in these key states will favor Trump -an assertion also based on pre election polls of which supporters of a candidate are going to vote early like this Pew Research poll: https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/08/26/biden-supporters-in-states-where-it-is-hardest-to-vote-by-mail-are-most-concerned-about-voting-this-fall/.


PS: To reiterate, I am only referring to states that have their $#!@(stuff) together with their mail in voting process. Something that for the moment does not apply to MI, WI and PA -three key states that will also determine the election if it is close. The point of this comment, however, is that right now it isn't looking like it will be a close election: meaning we will know who won on election night if things keep going the way they are.

Folks think all mail voting will delay election results

While that is true for the late arriving ballots, for the most part it looks as if it would actually make knowing who won the election a lot faster based on how most states begin counting the votes before the election and release the tallies at the end of election day, and most people casting their votes early. A nationwide vote by mail law would likely have the effect of more quickly knowing who won the presidential election, not slower.


Trump has almost a million dollars in campaign debt

Fundraising Details
Campaign Committee Outside Groups Combined
Total Raised $476,324,349 $118,394,412 $594,718,761
Total Spent $372,751,760 $82,524,880 $455,276,640
Cash on Hand $121,096,473 $35,869,532 $156,966,005
Debts $902,626 - -
Date of Report August 31, 2020 September 21, 2020




Campaign Committee Outside Groups Combined
Total Raised $531,009,149 $171,312,590 $702,321,739
Total Spent $350,384,990 $129,327,815 $479,712,805
Cash on Hand $180,626,411 $41,984,775 $222,611,186
Debts $0 - -
Date of Report August 31, 2020 September 21, 2020

Biden's campaign has zero debt.

Ohio is now blue on 538


Is Trump coming full circle on mail voting?

He is now encouraging michiganders to cast absentee ballots.


I hope this encourages the gop in the state legislature to consider passing a law where they can process the ballots faster!

I wonder why. Maybe cause his manipulation of the post office has failed miserably?

Vote by mail, vote early in person if you can but

...let the magats deal with the lines on election day, and see how enthusiastic they really are for their POS leader.

Early in person and mail ballots will be the first ones counted on election day. Dumpster fire is now encouraging his voters to vote by mail so registration data should start to tilt a little less democratic than it is now. Let's keep steady, keep our eye on the ball and hit a home run in November!

511,417 people have voted in the general election


Click for details.

Voted by Party Registration
Reporting states with party registration data: FL, IA, NC

Party Count Percent
Democrats 109,849 54.5
Republicans 32,316 16.0
Minor 596 0.3
No Party Affiliation 58,758 29.2
TOTAL 201,519 100.0

At this point rachel needs to dedicate a full show to clarify this bullshit

People are freaking out way too much. It isn't good.

This whole situation reminds me of something I saw in a movie. What was it? Oh here it is!

"are these the Nazis Walter?"

"No Donnnie these men are nihilists, there's nothing to be afraid of."

"Are these men going to hurt us Walter"

"No donnie these men are cowards."
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