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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
Number of posts: 5,357

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"naked ballots in PA" could prove to be consequential in November


Please let everybody in PA make sure to use a secrecy envelope when sending back their ballot, or their vote will not be counted. Thousands of primary votes were thrown out by the state supreme court despite already being counted. This was thanks to the Trump campaign litigating them successfully. Expect the same type of efforts in November but multiplied.

In the case of an electoral tie

We know now that a tie will be decided by the us house of reps. But in the current form, it will not vote for the democrat. It will be by state delegation. Democrats currently have a 2-3 state deficit I think in state delegations, and the new congress would be the decider of the president.

We are close in IA, MI, Mt and probably some others so the chances of that scenario turning in our favor aren't horrible, although we hope that such a scenario does not come up.

In addition the new Senate will be the decider of the Vice President. As chances look favorable to Dems for taking the Senate, it is likely we will come out on top of this too.

Again, we are hoping it never even comes to this, and with the exponentially larger enthusiasm by the left since RBGs death, I see this scenario even less likely to play out.

Which US Senate Race should I put my money in next?

Last one I did was MCGrath 35 bucks, and Harrison 10. What state would be the biggest bang for my buck? I'm thinking of throwing another 20 after I get paid this week.

Others include LA, MS and Kansas. The truth is I feel like almost every race we are in has the potential to turn out well for us, but I want to focus on the most likely ones for now.

Which territories/districts should we turn into states once we get the opportunity?

So the early mail ballots will likely be the first to be counted on election day, right?

Think the Democratic primaries, and how the mail ballots were the first to come in for California and, I think Texas. If that is the case on election day in most states -which it is likely to be, is it reasonable to assume Biden could declare victory fairly early?


Trump's plan has always seemed to be declare victory early when the first ballots are counted and claim the election is rigged when it turns out he lost. So far, it may look like he won't really have the opportunity to do either of that unless he wants to claim his own votes are fraudulent (as many are more likely to be, anyways). Am I being too optimistic here?

McConnell has moved at a snails pace when it comes to trying to get a stimulus pacakage during a

pandemic, and fight for those who are struggling -but was quicker than a kid at a cake buffet when a supreme court seat opened up.

VOLUNTEER DONATE VOTE!!!! https://joebiden.com/make-calls-for-joe/

Federal Judge strikes down SC witness requirement for mail ballots.


Looks like SC is going to have one of the most democratic elections they have ever had! This seems promising assuming it isn't overturned.

Do you think that the election will be called on election day?

I think that a lot of the distrust that's been created around the USPS have gotten a ton of votes to vote early and in person. I also think that elections offices will receive most ballots by election day, and be able to have started processing them before the election. As a result, I think that the likelihood of not knowing who the president is on election day will be very slim.

What have you done to help Biden become President and the Democrats, so far?

So far I've donated over $150 since May to Biden and Democratic US Senate and Gubernatorial nominees in competitive races -including the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. What have you done so far?

Another good one from Dave Wasserman


Click the tweet for some of the numbers on Trump supporters who support woe v wade and the ACA, and how we can utilize that.
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