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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 02:54 AM
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Democrats do not have a challenger against Cotton, and the only alternative may not

Get on the ballot. Dan Whitfield is a Bernie Sanders type Independant but did not collect enough signatures due to covid19. He hired a canvassing firm, and had hundreds of volunteers, but the order to stay at home stopped the process. He collected more than 6000 signatures, and is appealing in federal court for extra time to collect them. If he does not get them, he will not qualify for the ballot. There is also a libertarian running, and it is also not certain he will be on the ballot.


Civiqs poll: Booker fares better against McConnell.

McGrath trails by 20, and Booker trails by 14. It is interesting given kentucky would expect to be more conservative but McGrath is the more moderate candidate and does worse. This will be an uphill battle for whoever wins. Also it's a civiqs poll, so take it with a grain of salt.


McGrath lead falls to 6.4% as Fayette County reports.

Still nothing from Jefferson County. Probably not for a while.

So will Booker make up the 8-10% gap he'll need in Fayette and Jefferson counties?

Or are ya'll about ready to call it for McGrath?

Either way we won't know for sure until the end of the week, or later.

LA congresswoman Bass being vetted for VP


Joe Biden’s campaign is vetting congresswoman Karen Bass, the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, as a candidate to be his running mate, according to a new report from CBS.

Bass, a five-term congresswoman who represents Los Angeles, endorsed Biden back in March.

“Karen Bass would be a big plus…she is a great person in my mind, I work with her every day,” House Majority Whip James Clyburn told CNN in June when asked about Biden’s vetting process.


The Mayor of Tulsa has declared an emergency for the city

And instated a curfew for the area where the president would be at. If the president coming to town is an emergency, we need a new president.


Allison Lundergan Grimes Endorses Charlie Booker for Senate


Former Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes on Tuesday endorsed Senate candidate Charles Booker in the Democratic primary to challenge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in November.

“Proud to endorse my friend @Booker4KY for U.S. Senate in the Kentucky Democratic Primary! Together, let’s elect a new generation of leadership in KY! #Booker4KY,” Lundergan Grimes tweeted.

Dave Chappelle: "8:46"

is it just me or is the infected wart in the White House tweeting fewer

Blatant lies since twitter began fact checking him?

This is why we say "defund the police"



I don't know if many people know how genuinely disproportionate and skewed our overall funding for police is in most major cities. I certainly didn't until recently.

LA recently said it will cut it's police budget by 100-150 million. It sounded like a lot at first, but if you look at that chart, you can tell we can do a lot better than that. Cities should not just be entire police departments with some minor services on the side.

Oh and here's a picture of an LAPD Lamborghini parked in a disabled spot:


Los Angeles Times: "LA Schools Will Return Grenade Launchers, Keep Rifles"

Los Angeles Unified school police officials said Tuesday that the department will relinquish some of the military weaponry it acquired through a federal program that furnishes local law enforcement with surplus equipment. The move comes as education and civil rights groups have called on the U.S. Department of Defense to halt the practice for schools.

The Los Angeles School Police Department, which serves the nation’s second-largest school system, will return three grenade launchers but intends to keep 61 rifles and a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected armored vehicle it received through the program.

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