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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
Number of posts: 5,480

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370,694 Votes have been cast for the general election


Breakdown of registration data available from the votes:

Voted by Party Registration
Reporting states with party registration data: FL, IA, NC

Party Count Percent
Democrats 96,420 54.9
Republicans 27,678 15.8
Minor 510 0.3
No Party Affiliation 50,907 29.0
TOTAL 175,515 100.0

So it looks like we need to win the republican state legislatures back too

Here's a scenario: Let's say the Republicans follow through with trying to organize republican state legislatures to appoint their own electors -as the constitution allows. Biden win by a comfortable electoral college margin, but still narrowly loses Florida. Well, Florida's new legislators are sworn in immediately when they are elected. So one option would be that if Republicans really want to steal the election when they lose, Democrats -after winning enough state legislatures, will have to counter that balance by appointing their own electors as well.

Suffice to say, the goal now must also be to win as many state legislatures in states where they are sworn in immediately or shortly after election. This way, we can also prevent the sort of ratfuckery that Trump and the GOP are openly discussing now.


States where legislators assume office the year of their election
Legislature (H/S) When sworn in
Alabama State Legislature
(H, S)

Alabama legislators assume office the day following their election.[47]
California State Legislature
(A, S)

California legislators assume office the first Monday in the December following their election.[48]
Florida State Legislature
(H, S)

Florida legislators assume office on the day they are elected in the general election.[49]
Hawaii State Legislature
(H, S)

Hawaii legislators begin their terms on the day that they are elected in the general election.[50]
Idaho State Legislature
(H, S)

Idaho legislators are sworn in on the first day in December following the general election.[51]
Indiana State Legislature
(H, S)

Indiana legislators assume office the day after their general election.[52]
Maine State Legislature
(H, S)

Maine legislators assume office on the first Wednesday of December following the general election.[53]
New Hampshire State Legislature
(H, S)

New Hampshire legislators assume office on the first Wednesday in December in even-numbered years, one month and one day after the November elections.[54]
North Dakota State Legislature
(H, S)

North Dakota legislators assume office December 1st.[55]
Oklahoma State Legislature
(H, S)

Oklahoma legislators assume office on the state's statehood day on November 16.[56]
South Carolina State Legislature
(H, S)

South Carolina legislators assume office the Monday after the election.[57]
Tennessee State Legislature
(H, S)

Tennessee legislators assume office on the day of their election. However, the governor and state officers are not sworn in until January 15 following the election, and the legislature is not organized for session until January.[58]

West Virginia State Legislature
(H, S)

West Virginia legislators assume office on the first day of December following their election.[59

265,470 have now voted as of 9/22/2020


Here is the breakdown from data available:

Voted by Party Registration
Reporting states with party registration data: FL, NC

Party Count Percent
Democrats 85,240 55.1
Republicans 24,381 15.8
Minor 428 0.3
No Party Affiliation 44,723 28.9
TOTAL 154,772 100.0

Could the pennsylvania mail ballots be counted as literacy tests?

They require carefully following written instructions and if those instructions are not perfectly followed, your vote will not count. Could that be a violation of the civil rights act banning literacy tests? It is conceivable that the naked ballots without secrecy sleeves thrown out will tilt heavily democratic...

There is a reason why Trump outperforms gop senators in their home states

Much of the time even in states like NC and SC (graham is tied but Trump is well ahead). It is because their voters actually see the establishment GOP as extremist religious freaks, and rump as somehow a moderate. Painting Trump as a swamp religious extremist like the gop could be a very good winning strategy.

What happens, exactly, if Biden wins by a landslide and the scotus rules 5-4

That Trump actually won? Or something to that extent? Would that really be a constitutional crisis, or could it be something we could just ignore? Say the states certify Biden as the winner, the electors vote for Biden, and the new congress certifies the result. Per the constitution, the candidate that was elected via the electoral college, becomes president. Right? Or am I way off base here?

Could the scotus really do something so entirely at odds with the constitution?

What is the best way to vote?

I've been conflicted on this. One reason I have voted by mail since it has been allowed in California, is because I knew the risk of vote counts being tampered with or lost with machines, and tabulators. Now, with the postmaster general's efforts to ratf*ck the election,I am not entirely sure vote by mail is the best way to go, due to the ballot potentially not being received in time. On the other hand, a paper, verifiable ballot is much harder to change, than an electronic vote. I may be opting to drop off my mail ballot in person at an early voting booth if I can here in California. What do you think the best way to vote would be?.

On edit: Another thought I had about why Trump has been freaking out about mail voting and trying to undermine it is because it appears that a big reason he won could have been based also on the undercounting and loss of votes using election software that was easily hacked (and likely was), discounting1 out of every ten democratic votes.

165,963 people have now voted

This includes early votes and ballots received by mail by local elections offices based on the count this group was able to attain so far. There is still likely to be more that have not been reported, and I know that the election project and Michael McDonald is working hastily on getting that information.

Oh and check out the breakdown:

Democrats 68,777 55.2%
Republicans 19,494 15.7%
Minor 335 0.3
No Party Affiliation 35,922 28.8%
TOTAL 124,528 100.0 %


"naked ballots in PA" could prove to be consequential in November


Please let everybody in PA make sure to use a secrecy envelope when sending back their ballot, or their vote will not be counted. Thousands of primary votes were thrown out by the state supreme court despite already being counted. This was thanks to the Trump campaign litigating them successfully. Expect the same type of efforts in November but multiplied.

In the case of an electoral tie

We know now that a tie will be decided by the us house of reps. But in the current form, it will not vote for the democrat. It will be by state delegation. Democrats currently have a 2-3 state deficit I think in state delegations, and the new congress would be the decider of the president.

We are close in IA, MI, Mt and probably some others so the chances of that scenario turning in our favor aren't horrible, although we hope that such a scenario does not come up.

In addition the new Senate will be the decider of the Vice President. As chances look favorable to Dems for taking the Senate, it is likely we will come out on top of this too.

Again, we are hoping it never even comes to this, and with the exponentially larger enthusiasm by the left since RBGs death, I see this scenario even less likely to play out.
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