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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 02:54 AM
Number of posts: 3,645

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A Japanese American police officer killed himself today after 18 years of service

Many of us Japanese Americans, even in the younger generations, dedicated ourselves to public service and joined the military or became police officers-at least in part because of the skepticism, bigotry, distrust and disdain that our country had for us years prior. It was in many ways their way of saying "we love this country too and are as much a part of defending it as you are regardless of what you did to our friends and family for what we look like." For me, I joined the military in part because I wanted to prove to -at least myself, that my Japanese and German heritage does not make me "The axis powers," like my peers as a child would like me to believe.

Gunther Hashida, however, did prove he was a patriot, gave his life to protecting his country from terrorism, and is exponentially a better person than every piece of shit that tried to kill him on 1/6, but succeeded today. May he rest in peace, and may we bring justice to him and to everybody who continues to protect our country.

Chris Hayes on the expiring eviction moratorium


Women's March (Super PAC) endorses Nina Turner for OH 11 primary


The Women's March endorsed progressive House candidate Nina Turner on Tuesday ahead of the Democratic primary in Ohio's 11th Congressional District, marking the group's first-ever electoral endorsement.

The Hill was the first outlet to report on the endorsement, which was released through the group's new super PAC, Women’s March Win.

Absolutely no Republicans are voting to begin debate

42 so far are "no." However this is not the John Lewis voting rights act, right? Supposedly that has far more support. Hopefully after both bills fail, manchin and sinema will be onboard with he getting rid of the fillibuster for civil rights legislation ?

Watching this vote is infuriating, heartbreaking but expected.

Is this "Trump" person president or something?

Just judging by how much people are talking about him around these parts, I'm starting to not be sure. As far as I know, Joe Biden is the President of the United States Of America.

...let's keep it that way

Remember that time some narcissistic idiot was president, ran for re election and lost?

Yeah, me neither. And I would appreciate if nobody remind me. Thanks!


Each and every one of those scum who were too afraid to vote for that commission -apparently to do a personal favor for McConnell, is nothing short of a traitor. Fuck each and every one of them.

Fed will launch a broad discussion of a digital dollar this sunmer


Last summer, a team at the Boston Fed started to work with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to find out what it would take to build a U.S.-backed digital currency.

A Fed-backed digital dollar wouldn’t be a cryptocurrency based on decentralized blockchain, the ledger-based technology that underpins traditional digital currencies like bitcoin BTCUSD . It would merely be a digitized form of the fiat dollars that the Fed issues, and with which Americans are the most familiar, essentially antithetical to assets like bitcoin, in the eyes of cryptocurrency purists.

Great news!!

Dogecoin continues it's scarcely believable surge


Dogecoin continues its scarcely believable surge.
By Jason Karaian
May 5, 2021, 8:25 a.m. ET
Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that started as a joke, is on a tear. A surge in the past day pushed it to another record, sending it some 14,000 percent higher than it started the year.

One theory is that the upcoming appearance of Elon Musk, the Tesla chief executive and noted Dogecoin superfan, as the host of “Saturday Night Live” on May 8 could get more people interested in trading the crypto token. It’s as good a reason as any for those who try to rationalize its movements.

The latest bout of Dogecoin mania has somewhat overshadowed what’s going on in Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, which also set records this week and made its 27-year-old co-creator, Vitalik Buterin, a billionaire (in dollars). The price of Ether, the crypto token built on the Ethereum blockchain, is up more than 350 percent for the year to date, outpacing Bitcoin’s relatively pedestrian 90 percent gain — which, for context, outpaces every stock in the S&P 500 over that period.

Much wow

California Covid Rates (last 14 days): -27% cases, -45% deaths

43% have had at least one dose and 26.6% fully vaccinated.


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