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Member since: Mon Mar 16, 2020, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 2,108

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Damn I have 104 posts.

What do y'all miss doing from the good old days before the virus.

I miss going into Whataburger and ordering a #1 meal

I need to eat it inside.

Whataburger has great ice tea

My mother was in a nursing home for almost.5 years.

I am so glad my parents are gone.

I would not want them to deal with the virus.

Both passed in their sleep.

My Aunt passed a few months ago.

My friend still a little frail from surgery.

I need a cold beer.

And a Whataburger.

Just want back the normal days we had

Damn Trump was orange today.

Really orange.

Ok, my Trump voting sister called me today.

I did pick up but told her I was to busy working in the garden to talk.

She is worried about her sick husband and food.

I told her you should have thought about that before voting for Trump..

No feeling for people like me sister.

Voting matters.

I was named after a aunt that died from the 1920 flu.

She was six months old.

My grandmother told me about it many times.

I am sitting background enjoying the weather.

So quiet.

Even the freeway is quiet.

Just talked to the neighbors next door.

We will be looking out for each other.

Feels like the Cuban Missile crisis when I was a little kid.

Just random thoughts.

Big day tomorrow.

Start working in the garden.

We will grow lot of fresh vegetables.

No plane traffic over the house either.

To many thoughts tonight.


This is my first post.

Damn I am.pissed off.

This is not the retirement I had planned.

I knew Trump would mess things up but damn this is a masterpiece of fuckups.

How many people will die

For no reason.

Could not take the WHO tests.

Just set on his ass.

I hope we all make it and we vote him and all the Republicans out of office.

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