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Member since: Mon Mar 16, 2020, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,853

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So it is a nice fall day in Houston.

Fall meaning less humid.

The Grandkids are cutting the grass for me,. working hard.

They have been really busy helping out.

The 12 year old and I had a long talk last night around the fire pit. We had a small fire.

She understands why they are moving, I knew she did.

She is of mixed feelings.

I told her it is important she goes, for her and her sister's future.

She was close to crying, so was I.

I told her I am a phone call away anytime she needs me.

The 2016 election has changed so many life's.

President Hillary Clinton would have made a big difference.

But it is what it is.

Elections matter.

Today is bbq day, the kids will be making chicken for us.

I will be passing on some skills.

Have a good day everybody.

In 1973 I finished high school, passed my test for union training.

Had the whole summer off and spent it in Austin.

It was a great summer.

My parents gave me the money they saved for college and said go to Austin and enjoy the summer.

I did.

1973 abortion became legal.

Things were looking up.

Texas was run by Democrats.

Now it is 2021 and I am glad I am not that same age now.

The future was there, just grab it.

I did.

Now we have this mess to deal with.

I would like to be that kid back in 1973 again.

Austin was a blast back then.

Well, the grand children and their mom are with us now until they leave for Canada

They were renting a townhouse but the lease was up.

We have been tested negative all is well.

We will get to spent the rest of the 3 weeks together.

The kids are sleeping now with their Mom, been a long day.

I miss them alreÓdy.

But they safe in Canada.

Damn I hate Republicans.

It is official.

My Grandkids and Mother are moving to Canada.

Her mother the bio grand mother was born in Canada.

The new job is there.

Everything set.

My granddaughters will be safe.

Should not have to be.

My Grandkids are not baby machines.

They are human beings.

Birth control is next.

Abortion was just the start.

You know both sides can play the abortion bounty game.

Lots of republican women.

Men also.

Who couldn't use $10,000.

We took the two dogs for a walk.

The two near by hotel and motel is full Louisiana people judging from the license plates.

Full parking lots.

As someone living on the gulf coast I feel for the people in Louisiana.

We had Hurricane Ike.

It was bad.

My old house was over built in 1930.

Didn't even shake but the sound of the wind.

I hate the coming of fall now.

Back from the quick covid test, will know in 24 hours.

I feel ok but I rather know then not.

My 86 year old neighbor had a sore throat and earache.

So watch out for that.

She under treatment so she should be ok.

Her daughter dealing with everything.

Wear you masks.

Time for a cold beer and a BBQ sandwich.

Keep having emergency warnings about the virus over the phone.

Harris County is offering $100 for the first shot.

I like to have that for getting the shot earlier.

The warnings have been all day.

Remember back when smoking was no longer allowed in public.

There were smoking and non-smoking places in restaurants.

Now smokers are forced outside.

As a nonsmoker I was glad.

The non vax crowd needs to go the same direction.

I remember being around a smoker and smelling like a smoker.

I truly do not understand the non vaxed types.

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