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Member since: Mon Mar 16, 2020, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,853

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They are adults except for one.

It is so stupid.

Well it is up to 15 young people I know sick from the virus.

They go to very sick to a minor cases.

The ages are from 17 to about 35.

I fear it will get worse.

No shots for what ever reason.

Young people think they will never get sick.

Passed my two week mark with my last shot.

Guess I am good to go.

Feel a lot better.

So my quiet neighbors just had it out with no vaccine daughter.

It was loud, on the street.

My neighbor told do not come back without proof of your two shots.

My neighbors have their two shots.

No more yard visits.


The daughter is a jerk.

The daughter works in the public.

Her parents are in their 70's.

The father has a heart condition.

Damn I do not get it.

Get the damn shot if you can.

I guess now with the virus Memorial Day has an extra meaning.

Not only the war dead but those died from the virus.

Damn it.

One of my neighbors back in Houston died.

His wife is very ill.

Both in their late 80's.




Those fancy life.styles do not come cheap.

Just saw Trump's commercial.

Going on and on about how great.he will make America.

The commerical looked slick.

Made to suck up the trumps voters.

In the commerical was the fly by production by the Blue Angels.

The fly by was for his campaign.

Nothing to do for the nurses.

The nurses need PPE's.

Just heard according to CNN Trump is wanting schools to open.

Pressuring the Governors.

First the meat plants now schools.

Asshole does not care how many people will die.

Just get back to normal.

No way the kids the four kids on the farm are going back to school.

They are doing well online.

Well the sorry Governor of Texas is forcing his executive orders over the whole state.

I am watching the Mayor of Houston now on tv.

The Mayor of Houston and the County Judge did a great job.

They closed the rodeo in February which is a big deal in Houston.

We know Trump is behind this.

He needs the economy back up and running.

My ass is staying on the farm.

I am close to Austin but I not about to go there.

We were getting this under control now Trump and his Republican ass kissers will get more people sick and dead.

Y'all stay safe.

So I forced myself to watch Fox news for one hour, it was hard.

I now really understand mind of a trump voter.

My brain hurts now.

Talk about dumbing down.

If these Trump voters just watch Fox news their brains are gone.

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