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Member since: Mon Mar 16, 2020, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,830

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Who is the female ass kisser on now.

President Death is trying to act presidential.

Cannot stand still.

Wiggling all over.

Buying votes.

To bad people will be dead before they can get it.

So President Death wants people in certain parts of the country to go back to work.

Let's start with his voters


How long will President Death speak.

Not watching it.

Does President have stock in body bag companies?

If he doesn't he will.

This morning I witnessed three baby goats be born.

For awhile I just stepped back from the world and watched new life come into the world.

We will all be changed by this virus.

We all ready have.

Everyone stay safe.

The owl over head is saying hello.

I am so pissed at President Death.

Just read a infant died, a baby.

How much is enough.

President Death is trying to act like a damn hero.

He created this mess.

Killed President Obama's program.

We would have had people in China to catch this in time.

Fuck President Death.

The press needs to with the families permission name the people who havedied.


Name and state.

Do not let Trump walk away from this.

Hell my neighbor called and Harris County, Houston is locking down.

A major spike in people getting sick.

Only essential business open.

Until April 3rd.

Stay safe everyone.

I spent the day working on the huge vegetable garden.

Go back later when it cooler.

This is a working farm.

Extra produce will be given to the food bank.

We will never go back to normal, life like it was.

Those of us who survive this will be changed.

I had a nervous breakdown and I did change.

I am not the same person.

You are tougher then you think you are.

We will all know someone who had died

This is a game changer.

Trump.is going down.

The whole Republican party will go down.

Wanting the elders to die has angered people.

Americans now see the importance of big government.

Watching Trump at his now daily presses is interesting.

He coming apart.

Watch his body language.

His empire is going down.

His name will be cursed.

He is trying to act tough but it isn't working.

He knows he screwed up.

I think this virus was around in December.

I know two people who had weird flu like upper respiratory sickness.

Almost died.

The Drs didn't what it was.


All Christmas parties and flying around the country.

I was working on my van back then and didn't go anywheres.

These were two sick people.


Sorts of feels like living in the Walking Dead world.

If this virus is not contained we are going to loose a lot of people.

Skilled people.

America will not be the same

Glad I am older and had a chance for a good life.

Damn sorry for the kids.

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