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Member since: Mon Mar 16, 2020, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,830

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It will take massive number of deaths

By then it will be to late.

America will not be the same.

Well we bugged out just in time.

Harris county went into lockdown.

Not surprised.

We left for the farm early this morning.

Just need to finish unpacking which will take awhile.

Feel better here two hundred acres to explore.

Cell phone service is good.

This is not my farm but a friends family farm.

Feel like I can breathe again.

Everyone take care and be safe.

My friends granddaughter called today.

She was crying.

She is ten years old so she understands what is going on.

She wants the normal days back

To go back to school and be with her friends.

She wants to be with her Grandma.

Damn, after the call she had me in tears.

Fuck Trump and all those who voted for him.

Bucket list time.

For all of us.

We all could get the virus.

My Route 66 run in my camper van.

I would be on way now to Chicago to start it today.

A nice slow trip.

I think Trump thinks he can take it with him.


He looked ill today.

The bastard is on,. huffing and out of breath.

Reading from a paper.

Trump you are no FDR.

Trying to send us back to work to die.

On YouTube there are videos that help with stress and not being able to sleep.

Lots of them.

They do.help.

Just look.for videos for stress.

I am waiting for Trump to have a epic meltdown in a few weeks.

It is coming.

Just hold on the best you can.

He is not getting his way.

His whole crappy life is over.

He has been exposed for who he is.

I want it live on tv.

He barely holding on.

No relief in sight.

His rambling is getting worse

Hold on Nancy and Chuck.

I think cremations are going to needed.

My mother was, her wish.

Her ashes are at the veterans cemetery.

Something to think about.

Her ashes were in the house with me for awhile.

Not creepy.

My Grandparents used to tell me stories about the Great Depression on the 30's.

I listened.

They made sure we could grow a garden.

How to can food.

How to be a farmer.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.

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