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Member since: Mon Mar 16, 2020, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 2,132

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The father should die in prison.

The other two really old if they get out at all.

Sitting here in San Antonio eating TexMex sitting next to the river.

Does not get any better.

Housemate is ok.

Took a bunch of tests.

Everything is looking ok for her.

What a day to spend a birthday.

I am eating some great enchiladas right now.

Take care everyone.

Just curious what were y'all on doing Jan. 6th other then watching TV.

My Veteran housemate was so worried she was cleaning the guns and rifles.

She didn't say anything but cursed under her breath.

I knew what she was thinking.

She was getting ready for war.

She was in war zones during her 20 years active duty and reserve time, 30 years in all.

She is a retired RN.

We came really close.

Sitting with 30 years of Christmas decorations on the floor and tables

Lots of memories

I think a lot of stuff is going into storage.

Well the mall is decorated for Christmas now.


No holiday music yet.

We put our fake tree up already, just the lights.

We have a lot of lights to put outside.

Last year so we starting early.

It is a sad day for Houston and what happened at the concert.

One of my neighbors grandson was there, he is ok.

Not like my day going to Neil Diamond or the singers at their concerts.


RIP for the kids who died.

My 12 year old granddaughter has become a woman, we will leave it at that.

She texted me the news.

Time for me send her a present.

I am glad I am a old lady with the Trump crowd trying to take over.

Glad my grandkids are now living in Canada.

This was not the retirement I had planned.

I hope this country can work itself out of this mess.

I am going to enjoy the next few years.

Just think we could have had President Hillary Clinton.

I know to many people who did not vote in that election.

Thought she would win easily over Trump.

Now we suffering the results.

The nuts are coming out from under the rocks.

No one will be coming to rescue us.

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