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Member since: Mon Mar 16, 2020, 06:36 PM
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This afternoon I had a conversation with one of my neighbors here in the hill country.

She is 101, very soon 102.

We were sitting outside.

She is a WW2 Vet.

She can speak German, Czech, and Polish.

She was in Army Intelligence and was stationed in England then France and Germany.

She is very aware about the similarities between 1930's Germany and now in our country.

She is ready to fight again.

It struck me sitting there listening to her what the Americans could do if needed.

Now we have sorry Americans who can't even take a shot.

There was a element of sadness also.

She lost a brother and a future husband in Europe.

Then she had to see January 6th.

Got to see a baby calf born on Christmas day.

We are in the hill country until after the new year.

One of my neighbors came over with a extra horse and said let's go looking for this cow I am missing.

So we had a nice horseback ride and did find the missing cow.

There she was giving birth.

A little heifer.

Mother and daughter is doing well.

Moved them back to barn area.

It was a nice morning.

We had our Solstice gathering.

Just for those 50 and up.

It was fun but also sad as three of our group have past away since 2020.

So their children brought their ashes and a picture to the gathering.

Each had their own chair and we were together one last time .

Their ashes will be released here on the farm as our sisters requested.

Last night was different but it was also nice to get together.

Everyone was vaccinated and tested.

Everyone wore masks.

We were outside.

Nice bonfire.

Happy solstice everyone.

Happy New Year.

Talked to my oldest Granddaughter in Canada.

She asked if she will ever live in the States again.

I told her the truth, I do not know.

Maybe when she is a grown up.

She knows why they moved to Canada.

Hell of thing to tell your grandchild.

I hope everything works out.

We talk everyday.

She is enjoying living in Canada but she misses home also.


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