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Member since: Mon Mar 16, 2020, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 2,132

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We took the two dogs for a walk.

The two near by hotel and motel is full Louisiana people judging from the license plates.

Full parking lots.

As someone living on the gulf coast I feel for the people in Louisiana.

We had Hurricane Ike.

It was bad.

My old house was over built in 1930.

Didn't even shake but the sound of the wind.

I hate the coming of fall now.

Back from the quick covid test, will know in 24 hours.

I feel ok but I rather know then not.

My 86 year old neighbor had a sore throat and earache.

So watch out for that.

She under treatment so she should be ok.

Her daughter dealing with everything.

Wear you masks.

Time for a cold beer and a BBQ sandwich.

Keep having emergency warnings about the virus over the phone.

Harris County is offering $100 for the first shot.

I like to have that for getting the shot earlier.

The warnings have been all day.

Remember back when smoking was no longer allowed in public.

There were smoking and non-smoking places in restaurants.

Now smokers are forced outside.

As a nonsmoker I was glad.

The non vax crowd needs to go the same direction.

I remember being around a smoker and smelling like a smoker.

I truly do not understand the non vaxed types.

Been thinking about Afghanistan all day, optics count.

We needed to get out but in more orderly manner.

Why withdraw so many troops until we got the civilians out.

We knew who needed to get out and we had time to do it.

Move people out every day and night.

This is looking messy.

The midterms are coming up and am worried about the them.

We need to keep the house and Senate or we will have our own Afghanistan here.

Our military should have left after the civilians.

Joe will get the blame no matter who made the decision.

The Taliban are attacking because nobody is there to stop them.

They are bullies.

It looks like Vietnam in 1975.

The Republicans are going to run with this.

Fuck Bush and Cheny for starting this mess.

If they get sick they will like them.

Better then a tube.

Today would have been my father's 98th birthday.

Going to place some flowers at his grave and a little flag.

He WW2 vet like most his age.

Glad he is not here to see the mess the country is in.

Update on my ex-friend who has the virus.

Her husband called this morning about an hour ago.

Had to call 911.

Ex- friend could not breath.

The paramedics came, and put her on oxygen.

Maybe she has pneumonia from the virus.

They took her to three hospitals before they found one open.

She sounded bad yesterday.

Stay safe guys.

Someone I know who just couldn't vote for Hillary has the virus.

She might not if she had voted for her.

She only had one shot and never went back for the second.

I had stopped talking to her after the election.

She is sick but at home.

Elections have consequences.
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