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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 3,702

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We're Teaching Them How To LIE Quite Well

Whatever. I choose to believe TMZ over them. Sad, I admit, but true.

I Think We Are Going To See Some Daily Twitter Records From Idiot

He is Sooooooo used to being in the public eye, and covered by the media everyday, I'm not sure what contingency plans they have. He is not going to be spending 1-2 hours per day in front of the cameras at news conferences apparently. He is not doing rallies, where he gets coverage of speeches to his Cult. He can't go to Mara Lago each weekend to relax, and since we know he does very little to begin with, he's going to need something to occupy his extra time not preparing daily talking points for the press corp.

So my guess is a non-stop barrage of tweets, perhaps beginning Monday. But every day is a brand new experience lately, so who knows what will be on Monday.


Did you notice if anyone on the bus was filming her for later nationwide viewing?

This Really Could Be Drumpf's Hail Mary Moment

He needs to salvage an economy already in Recession, and rapidly approaching Depression levels, and he has about 6 months in which to do it. 195 Days until the election, each one so precious to him at this point. And he needs to mix in a few big rallies and have time to bash Joe Biden for being a Democrat Socialist, who has a son named Hunter who once got a job.

So, up goes the Hail Mary. We're on our own 1 Yard Line and need to go 99 for the Touchdown, so the outcome is pretty much known. Only in this case, instead of just losing the game, we're going to lose the war. And many people are going to die as a result of this Hail Mary attempt at getting the economy going, so Drumpf can claim victory, and still have a chance to somehow steal the election in November.

This Las Vegas Mayor Used To Be In Democratic Party?

She wants to open the Strip back up right away?

Anyone know if she's a Drumpf Cult Member? Supposedly she's Independent.

Wish I Was In Georgia!

Come Friday, I could start the day with a Haircut, have a nice afternoon Massage, hit the Bowling Alley in the early evening, before finishing the day up with a late night Tattoo.

But what will I have left to do on Saturday?

Perhaps The Media Shouldn't Cover These MORON Protests

Just like their Cult Leader, these IDIOTS crave the attention. It's becoming like watching a train wreck....only 2 weeks in advance.

I find myself wishing bad things on these people. I do not feel sympathy, as I do for those out of work, who are staying at home. I feel anger, and thoughts & prayers that they contract the virus, so they realize their stupidity. Although deep down, I know that even that would not change them, and who they are inside.

The More I See These Crazy Idiots Out Protesting

The More I want to stay home, and the Longer I expect to be staying home.

CNN Is Treating Drumpf As Irrelevant

I'm not any fan of Pence, and would rather they didn't cover him.

But boy is that an insult to Drumpf by essentially telling him they couldn't care less what he has to say by cutting in only after he's done.

ABC In L.A. Showing World News Tonight, Not Dog & Pony Show

Hope it's Nationwide.
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