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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 3,702

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"It Was An Eyesore And A Safety Hazard" - Atlantic City Mayor

Ari Melber - "He was talking about the building, guys."

Alas, Hearts Are Gone Until February 2022

I'd like to Thank those responsible for the 11 Hearts I received over the past several days. Much appreciated.

This site both torments me and gives me hope. This past week has been particularly rough. DU provides the right balance of knowledge, humor, entertainment and opinion to keep me coming back for more.

It helps me realize that although we're flawed and not perfect, there is NO Comparison between our side and theirs, and I know there's no place I'd rather be than on the side of the Democratic Party.

Graham Changed His Vote To Yes

They're obviously going to make this into a full blown circus.

'Jeopardy!' Star Brayden Smith Dead At 24 - Trebek's Last Great Champ

Source: TMZ.Com

Alex Trebek's last great "Jeopardy!" champion has died at the young age of only 24.

Brayden Smith, who scored a 5-game winning streak and more than $115,000 in winnings as Trebek's era came to a close, died unexpectedly last Friday in his hometown of Las Vegas. The cause of death is unclear.

Brayden's lifelong dream had always been to appear on "Jeopardy!" ... and the young man, who had reportedly tried getting on the show at least a dozen times, left a lasting impression on Trebek and fans alike.

His run was so impressive he drew comparisons to the great James Holzhauer because he also had a knack for finding the Daily Doubles and laying huge wagers when he did.

Read more: https://www.tmz.com/2021/02/12/brayden-smith-jeopardy-champ-alex-trebek-favorite-dead-24/

How unbelievably Horrible and Tragic. He had an extremely promising life ahead of him. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Thank You To Defense For Showing PRESIDENT Biden Shutting Down Objections

I guess that is supposed to make us sympathetic to Drumpf and his constant STOP THE STEAL outbursts.

The defense Is Like A Hollywood Production

Videos over dubbed with music and bombast.

I Don't Understand Why The Defense Is Even Going For 3 Hours?

Honestly, they don't need to even show up.

But O.K., that might be a bit extreme, and could cause another 2 or 3 repubs to vote for conviction.

So all that's really necessary is for one of the lawyers, it could even be the idiot from Nebraska, to start their presentation thus:

"President Trump did not cause the Capitol riot, and is Not Guilty of the crimes he is charged with."

"The Defense Rests"

I'm American By Birth, But No Longer Feel Like I Belong Here

I've always had issues with our nation's history. Despite hearing my entire life what an ideal country it is, and what a wonderful Democracy we are, I've had my complaints and doubts.

I've had interest in going elsewhere since the 2000 debacle, and the subsequent 9/11 & tying it into the Iraq War Bullshit. And the last 4 years under Drumpf have only solidified my opinions of the problems we have and will have for many years to come.

But I think this latest situation, and the last 5 weeks, have entirely solidified my belief, that for as long as I'm here, I will be miserable, angry, and just not an optimistic person. I've tended to be pessimistic my whole life, but it is now to such an extreme, that I hate what I've become.

I have ZERO optimism about this country's viability. Even with President Biden and a Democratic Senate, I see it getting worse, not better. Nowhere near as much worse as if Drumpf were still "president," or Turtle were still Majority "leader," but nonetheless, a continued trajectory in the wrong direction.

My parents are in their 80's, and still healthy, and I don't intend to leave while they are alive. But I think that I need to start planning, and even making legitimate overtures towards relocation, so I'm ready when that time comes.

This last year with the Covid situation has been horrible and depressing, and the way this country has handled it, also is a HUGE factor in the way I feel. And now this. There's just nothing left. I realize some will say that's a defeatist attitude, and they're probably right. But when even Honorable, Intelligent and Decent people like the House Managers, cannot manage to sway a handful of Senators to do the right thing, NO MATTER WHAT EVIDENCE OR FACTS THEY PRESENT, then what real difference is a middle class serf like myself going to make?

Some repub Senators Are Apparently Praising The House Manager's Presentation

They're still going to vote to acquit, but they give props to the Democrats for putting on a good case.

56 Votes To Convict With A 1 Vote MOE

I realize that I'm not making any great prediction, but I feel it's a reasonable one.

I think we'll have the vote by Sunday, and then Congress can get back to bickering about other things once again, and we can continue being the utterly divided country that we are, and shall be for the foreseeable future.

America is pathetic when it comes to learning from history, and I doubt we've learned a single thing from our recent history either. But at least we're consistent.
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