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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 3,702

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Democrats Sound Like They're Wrapping Things Up

I don't think they're going to need anything close to the full 8 hours today.

The defense will do a few hours tomorrow, and they'll be able to vote by Sunday.

Then we can all just move on, like the pathetic country that we are, as if nothing ever happened. Watch for it.

I Can See The "defense" Wrapping Up Their Case On Friday

I think it's quite possible the Senate votes by this weekend, after closing statements.

The Democrats appear uninterested in calling Witnesses, and the repubs really don't want to bother mounting much of a case, given they've already made their unmovable decision. Plus they probably don't want to give the 1 Drumpf attorney control of their case on Saturday, since the more competent one will be taking the Sabbath off.

I think if the House team thought there was any chance of moving enough repubs, they might call witnesses. Instead, I believe they just want to get the whole thing over with, and realize like most do, that they're wasting their time, and taking away from working on President Biden's agenda.

Sit Down And Shut Up Snowflake! nt

Jamie Raskin Just Gave Warning That Some Graphic Footage Is About To Be Shown nt

I Could Swear Representative Swalwell Almost Said "Commander In Tweet" Before Correcting Himself nt

He meant to say "Commander In Chief Tweeted," but it almost came out wrong.

I Wonder If Ron Wright Caught Covid-19 At Insurrection

We'll never know, but even if we learned he did, I am sure the Non-Mask wearing repubs Couldn't Care Less if their actions caused his death.

Vote To Remove MTG From Committees Is Starting nt

Could The House Democrats Introduce A Motion To Censure Liz Cheney For Her Support Of Impeachment?

Since the repubs don't want to actually go on record, and get away with holding a secret vote, could the Democrats force them to go on the record?

The Democrats, of course, would vote to Not censure her, but the repubs would have to choose obviously which way they wanted to publicly vote.

President Biden's Motorcade Heading To Capitol

Per MSNBC just now.

I Missed Beginning Of Rachel Maddow Show - Why Is She Broadcasting From Home? nt

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