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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 3,680

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Do The People Of GA Want $2,000 Or $600?

They're not getting Jack S&*t with Turtle leading the Senate. Brain Dead Cult Members probably don't even see what he's doing now, and how he's stopping this bill from being voted on.

If the Democrats take control of the Senate, the $2,000 bill will be brought up the day Ossoff & Warnock are sworn in. And it will pass, without a single repub vote being necessary.

And Drumpf will sign it. If he doesn't, then Nancy will simply reintroduce it on January 21st, and it will go through then.

But it's ALL up to the voters in GA. If Turtle stays as leader, we have years and years of gridlock, and people, including those in GA, will get NOTHING.

Hey MSNBC....Go Ahead And Cover The Hunter Story All You Want

I just changed the channel, and Will Not be turning it back for the rest of day. If I wanted to watch that, I'd turn on Faux News.

It's insignificant, I realize, but they are not going to get me to watch when they want to spend time covering this when there are far more important stories to cover, like the Out Of Control Pandemic, thanks to the current Piece Of Shit in the White House, and HIS SPAWN. Cover them for a change!!

FDA Approves Covid-19 Vaccine With 17-4-1 Vote

17 Voted Yes, 4 Voted No, 1 Abstained

FDA Voting Is Underway


I Just Love Seeing Joe, His Secret Service & Staff Arriving Somewhere & ALL Are Wearing Masks

Whenever you see the Orange Shithead, 90+% of the people surrounding him don't have a mask on.

It's so wonderful to see sanity on display. God Bless Him.

Is The White House Flag At Half Staff, And If Yes, Does Anyone Know Why?

CNN just had a video shot of the WH, which appeared to be Live, and this was the case.

The only name I've heard that died recently of significance was former Senator Sarbanes. I'd be surprised if it was because of him, but hopefully someone has an idea.

I Bet It Was Winston's Fault

And they're just blaming Major.

I don't trust Cats.

Michigan Is Not Proceeding On Certification Yet

There is a delay in moving forward as the repubs will not certify.

It's Too Bad Joe Biden Can't Draw Any Crowds

I hope Drumpf is watching all these people who came out to Celebrate Joe & Kamala kicking his Ass!!

Faux Snooze Reading Statement From Drumpf Himself Right Now nt

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