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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 3,704

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In Less Than 100 Hours, Polls Will Close On The West Coast

Hopefully, for the sake of every living being on this planet, we will already be celebrating a landslide by the time big Electoral total states like California, close.

October 30, 2020 - 101,000 New Cases

Per Worldometers:


Drumpf Merchandise Stands Here In South Orange County, CA

There have been these stands set up near me in Laguna Hills/Laguna Niguel for the last 2-3 months.

Today I drove by one of them, and the booth had a new sign up. It said, "MEGA-MAGA SALE - EVERYTHING MUST GO!"

I've resisted going anywhere near one of the stands since they've been around, but now I'm at least a little tempted, to see what kind of bargain prices they're offering during their "Closeout Sale."

Maybe I'll stop by on Sunday or Monday to see how much shit they have left. I had my eye on the cardboard stand up of the Asshole In Chief. Might be worth buying to make a video of me beating the crap out of it next week, but it's probably not for sale.

Livestream Of Joe Biden In Des Moines, IA


The Media Desperately Wants This Horse Race

It's hilarious watching them each at their big electronic touch screens.

"Well let's give Drumpf ALL of the toss-up states. We'll give him Florida because Blah, Blah. Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio."

"Then let's give him the 1 District in Maine, and the 1 District in Nebraska. Then Arizona is typically a reliable repub state, so let's add those in. Nevada's right next door to Arizona, so we'll put those in as well. He won Wisconsin 4 years ago, what happens if he wins it again? He's only at least 7 points behind."

"SEE!!! It is still possible that Drumpf can make this a close race."

I Bet The Media Devotes A Whole Minute To The Post-Rally Omaha Situation

Drumpf and the White House will make sure the story gets very little publicity.

And the people impacted likely don't care, and aren't talking. They would gladly freeze for the chance to hear their Cult Leader speak for an hour about Bullshit.

So What If The Mass Of Election Day Voters Doesn't Show Up?

The repubs supposedly have this large # of voters who are waiting to vote next Tuesday.

What if instead of all these last minute voters they supposedly hold in reserve, the polls are relatively quiet on Election Day?

There would be no way for him to overcome the majority of Democratic votes that were Early Votes or Mail In Votes.

Much better to have a lead in the bag early on, than have to hope for a big comeback at the last minute.

Joe Biden Just Went On


I'm 54, And See Myself In Another Country Within Next 10 Years

I think we are slowing witnessing the end of the "experiment."

Once it's gone, it won't be back in my lifetime.

Just Donated $20 To Jaime Harrison

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