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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 3,704

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I Bet It Was Winston's Fault

And they're just blaming Major.

I don't trust Cats.

Michigan Is Not Proceeding On Certification Yet

There is a delay in moving forward as the repubs will not certify.

It's Too Bad Joe Biden Can't Draw Any Crowds

I hope Drumpf is watching all these people who came out to Celebrate Joe & Kamala kicking his Ass!!

Faux Snooze Reading Statement From Drumpf Himself Right Now nt

Late Friday News Dump?

At some point calling the race is going to be an Early Saturday dump.

We're getting closer. I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen in the next hour.

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow At Home Quarantining

She came in contact with a Positive Covid case, but she has tested negative, and is quarantining at home to keep everyone safe.

MSNBC: Biden Speech Looking Less Likely For Tonight, But Harris Expected To Speak

It sounds like Joe prefers to wait until the race is called, before giving his speech.

But they intend to let Kamala have the spotlight, and she will be speaking tonight.

All is subject to change if the networks declare a winner in the next 2-4 hours.

337 New Votes In GA, Shrinks Lead By 105 nt

We're Going To Stop The Bleeding

But since we couldn't win the Senate, the Wound and Infection will remain.

I don't expect ANYTHING to get done in the next 2 years now. The repubs will take their shot at the House in 2022. With some luck, we can hold it, and win a couple of repub Senate seats.

It would be a shame if Joe is prevented from accomplishing a thing during his term.

MSNBC: Democratic Leadership Expects Biden To Take Lead In PA Between 4:00 & 5:00 AM EST Friday

Their mood has changed from optimistic to Extremely confident at this point.
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