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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
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Herman Cain Hospitalized for COVID-19 Hours After Tweeting 'People Are Fed Up' With Masks

Ross A. Lincoln
July 2, 2020, 5:10 PM

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain announced Thursday that he has been hospitalized due to symptoms of COVID-19. But in an unusually on-the-nose development, the announcement came only hours after he denounced measures to stem the spread of the illness on Twitter in a show of political support for Donald Trump.

Early Thursday afternoon, Cain’s representatives said in a statement, posted on Cain’s Twitter account, that he was informed June 29 that he tested positive for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and that by Wednesday his symptoms were severe enough that he “required hospitalization.” According to the statement, Cain was taken to an Atlanta-area facility Wednesday night, and while his symptoms are “serious,” he “did not require a respirator.”

Left out of Cain’s statement is a notable event that took place between his diagnosis on Monday and his hospitalization Wednesday night. On Wednesday afternoon, Cain tweeted a link to a Western Journal article about South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who bragged that social distancing will not be required at a July 4th Trump rally at Mt. Rushmore. In his tweet, Cain added: “Masks will not be mandatory for the event, which will be attended by President Trump. PEOPLE ARE FED UP!”


Thoughts & Prayers & Pizza nt

Worldometers Just Updated Today's Florida Death Total - 216

That's a new record.

Twitter Rumor: Herman Cain Died This Morning

I've been watching his Twitter page, and there are some rumblings that he died this morning, and the news has yet to be made public. One appears to be from a Right Winger who has his own Pro-Repub/Drumpf Twitter account.

I Predict That Next Week, Drumpf Will....

Sometime next week, Drumpf will claim that Hurricanes are going to blow the virus away from Florida & Texas.

The Tulsa Coronavirus Fest Was His Farewell Performance

He's not going to get any more large rallies. He's not even going to get any more medium sized rallies.

It's dull press conferences, before non responsive reporters for the next 3 months.

MSNBC & CNN - If You're Reading These Threads!

If Dr. Fauci is not speaking, DON'T COVER ONE SECOND of the Dog & Pony show happening today.

Let him look at those ratings.

If you cover him giving a campaign speech and LIEFEST, I'm changing the channel, and may not return the rest of the day.

Dr. Fauci Not Yet Invited To Today's Briefing

Being interviewed on CNN, says that as of now, he hasn't been invited to the briefing taking place next hour.

Today Per Worldometers - 71,670 New Cases - 997 Deaths nt

Awfully Quiet On The Herman Cain Front

His Twitter account handlers are still putting out multiple tweets each day, and people are commenting as if they're coming from him.

But up until a couple of days ago, they were posting updates about how great he was doing, and to keep all the "prayers" coming.

He fits into several of the at-risk categories, and I imagine if he was doing fine, he would be released from the hospital soon, since he's been there since last week.
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