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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 3,704

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Dow Futures Are Up 150 Points

I really don't see why we need to reopen everything, when the economy is doing so well, and large corporations are so bullish.

It's obvious that all the stuff we're used to, like Tourism, Hotels, Sporting Events, Concerts, Theater, Movies, Amusement Parks, Cruise Ships, Airlines, Indoor Dining, are not vital at all to a healthy functioning economy.

Wall Street is telling us this. So there's really nothing to worry about, we can continue this path for quite awhile before investors and CEO's start to worry.

Mr. Biden, Please Go To Wisconsin This Weekend

I really don't want to be hearing "What If?" in November, because you failed to take advantage of this opportunity.

Put this state out of reach, and you're significantly closer to winning in 67 days.

Stephen Colbert, Can't You Do Better Than Dipshit Chris Christie?

That's the only guest you could come up with for tonight's show?

Why do you keep having him back?

I'll be turning the channel before he comes on.

The Only Question Is, Will Biden Get A Bump Out Of This Week's Convention?

What happens if/when his lead solidifies and/or widens?

Lincoln Project Post-Game Coverage On Now


Regarding The Flags

There have to be at least 35. Anybody get a count by chance?



Are We Ever Going To Respond To The "Democrat" Party Bullshit?

The leadership completely ignores it, like the Republic party is not doing it on purpose.

Fucking HATE Them!

PIECES OF SHIT, the lot of them.

Where's Trashvanka's Wedding Ring?

Doesn't she normally have one on?
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