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NoRoadUntravelled's Journal
NoRoadUntravelled's Journal
September 21, 2020

We can choose to project our fears into the future or our hopes.

Yes, we've fallen a long way since tRump was given the keys to the White House by a minority of the voters in this country. That was a shocker and damage has been done every day since. No point in going into it here, we all live in this poorly scripted and repulsive reality sh*tshow every day.

Here's the thing; It's bad enough already without us deliberately envisioning and then sharing our vision of a dystopian future. The future isn't here yet. The election hasn't happened. There's plenty we can do to move toward a future that sees the current occupier of the White House out on his ass. Register voters, do Post Cards for Voters, GOTV. Contact your local Dem groups to volunteer. Choosing to do something is empowering.

In all these things, do what is yours to do. Give your best effort. But don't negate your efforts by attaching them to thoughts of a doomed future. Look at every effort you make on behalf of the Democratic process, human rights, climate change, what ever you do, as a demonstration of love in action to same. Attach hope to your action as you release it into the world and drop your fear for the future.
We've got so much to do and can't afford the dead weight of fear to drag us down. If you're carrying fear, set it down at least every now and then. We are all here to do what is ours to do. Whether it's a little or a lot, do it with hope and the expectation of good. Be strategic, focused and flexible. The results aren't up to us but the effort is. Let's get a vision of the country we want to live in and let's make it happen.

September 19, 2020

No Confirmation for Supreme Court until after Inauguration Day

You can use Resistbot to sign the petition and generate an email to your Senators.

1. Direct Message RBG to @resistbot on Twitter or Messenger
2. Text RGB to 50409

If you haven't used it before, Resistbot will ask a couple questions to determine who your elected officials are and then automatically generate an email on your behalf and add you to the list of petition signers to
"No Confirmation for Supreme Court until after Inauguration Day"

September 18, 2020

1,259 New Covid Cases in Iowa Reported in Last 24 Hours. Why? Guess who was in Iowa 10 days ago.

The Trump campaign made their way through Iowa over Labor Day weekend. Then there was that Trump Boat Parade in Coralville on Labor Day. Looks like we're about 10 days out from those events and voila!

Red hats will line up for the chance to get sick, hurt the economy, and watch Grandma die just to own the Libs.

September 17, 2020

Thar she blows.

September 10, 2020

Lots of news about Trump's deliberate lack of action on Covid19. What about the Classified Intel

about the secret nuclear weapons program that he shared with Bob Woodward? Has anyone seen any further info on that bombshell? That news seems to have drifted into obscurity.
Trump is clearly a national security threat on so many levels.

September 5, 2020

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the terms "rioters" and "protesters" are coming to

mean the same thing by the current administration and its supporters.
It reminds me of how the Bush administration would evoke Saddam Hussein within just a few words following mention of 9/11 again and again.
It didn't take long before the connection between the two was complete in the minds of supportive listeners. I believed at the time, and still believe, it was one of the ways they gained support for the invasion of Iraq.

The term "rioters" seems to be used much more often by this administration than the term "protesters" despite the fact that those doing damage are far outnumbered by peaceful protesters. Is this why so many gun carrying vigilantes believe they must also be on the streets now to add their bullets to the fray of thrown water bottles?

Maybe trying to understand it is pointless. idk

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