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Member since: Wed Apr 1, 2020, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,236

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Moving truck spotted outside the Whitehouse.

Does anyone have any guesses as to why this might be?


Trump is calling Governors.

Could Governors interfere in the counting for Trump?

Can Joe Biden's campaign ask for an investigation into the USPS?

It's seems he could since trump is launching a bunch. This is a valid one.

I think we won Ohio!!!

Trump is done of we win Ohio. He can't lose any states.

Trump is trying to deflect attention from the Chinese bank account story.

That's why he has a fit in the 60 minutes interview. He wants the press to talk about that instead of what the NYT is reporting.

Trump says women like him because he improved dishwasher pressure

This must be what trump thinks about when he thinks of women.

Donald Trump has suggested that his administration’s actions on dishwasher pressure meant women supported him.

Without providing details on policy, the US president told supporters on Sunday that “the women come up to me, the women they say dont like me, they actually do like me a lot”.

And that, said the Republican candidate, was because he “freed up” dishwashers to dispense more water.

“So, you go into a hotel or you buy a house, and they have what's called a restrictor,” he told supporters in Nevada. “[The] same thing with your dishwasher, I freed that up too.”


Joe is showing off his policy chops.

Trump has no policy. Joe Biden is a good man and doing a great job.

Powerful Stevie Nicks. VOTE!


Claudia Conway wants to be treated like a child.

Says the media has been using her for political gain.



I think he hid his covid positive test from the public.. Has had it longer than we know.

I also think they leaked Hope Hicks positive test result as a way to break it to the public only after it was known he was not going to be available for public events.

I'm speculating but this white house lies so much. How can we know the truth?
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