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Some Progressives say President Biden is a moderate....

He's not. He's the most progressive president we have had since Carter. Right now, Biden is dealing with Wild fires, a hurricane, Afghanistan withdrawal, Covid, and more. Both moderates and progressives should be proud to have him at the helm right now. Biden is bad ass!

High profile case out of SDNY tomorrow.


Waleed Shahid wants a war within the party.

"If that requires knocking out well-known elected officials and replacing them with more radical newcomers, so be it. And if it ends up ripping apart the Democratic Party in the process—well, that might be the idea.

“There is going to be a war within the party. We are going to lean into it,” said Waleed Shahid, the group’s spokesman.


Trump threatened the Afghan President into brokering a deal with the Taliban.

I had not known this before now. Afghanistan had just had a very contentious election, the nation was very divided at the time making it a bad time to pull out. Trump wanted to pull out, Afghanistan was not uniting fast enough for Trump so he decided to give Afghanistan to the Taliban.


Pompeo delivered a message from Trump to the feuding leadership of the Afghan government, telling them they should resolve their differences and broker a deal with the Taliban or the president could not only cut $1 billion in financial aid to Afghanistan but also could pull all U.S. troops out of the country, according to two current senior officials, one former senior official and a foreign diplomat.


Pompeo said in a statement two weeks ago that the U.S. was “disappointed” in Ghani and Abdullah and that “their failure has harmed U.S.-Afghan relations.”

His threat to cut $1 billion in aid if the Afghan leaders couldn’t reach a governing agreement would essentially mean cutting the lifeline for the Afghan government’s security forces. Pompeo also said he told the Afghan leaders that plans under the administration’s deal with the Taliban to reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan to 8,600 in coming months would continue.


The squad voted against helping Afghan translators.

The bill that replenishes the resources for the Capitol Police and the National Guard depleted due to the January 6 insurrection also includes funding and resources for a program that assists Afghan translators who helped US and allied forces relocate.

Just so we know what their priorities are.

Can Fetterman overcome pulling a gun on a unarmed black man who was jogging?

I don't live in the State but I do donate and I am an activist online. I have not decided who to root for but leaning for Connor Lamb.

The man who Fetterman chased down with a gun seems to have forgiven him even though Fetterman has not been honest about the details.

Snip-- "He lied about everything," Miyares wrote.

He has previously said he was jogging in the neighborhood when he heard fireworks, just before Mr. Fetterman confronted him.

"He knew my race. The gun was aimed at my chest while he loaded five red shells into the tube of the 12-gauge TAC shotgun," Miyares wrote. "Once he finished, he aimed it at my face out of the Ford F-150 Truck."

But in a second letter to The Inquirer, postmarked on the same day last month, Miyares said Mr. Fetterman could face a political backlash now if the Senate candidate revised his account.

"Telling the truth on an incident 10 years ago could cause him more harm than good," Miyares wrote. "Mr. Fetterman and his family have done far more good than that one bad act or action and, as such, should not be defined by it."

He signed that letter: "Gooo Fetterman."


What is going on with the emergency rental assistance program in New York?

The Biden administration gave states money to deal with this issue 4 months ago. My cousin who is a single mother said today that she has several panic attacks a day stressing out about her rent. She says the stress of the delay and not knowing is taking a toll on her mental health. I live on the west coast, things are running pretty smooth on this issue here. This is shameful! What is going on?

SNIP~ The governor said last week that nearly 5,000 pending cases would be reviewed and cleared by Wednesday, but nonprofits told Rozner there has been no movement.

The state said they were all processed and most were sent for payment, but still, Legal Aid said only one or two applicants have been approved out of hundreds it has helped since June. And out of the roughly 300 applicants the Borough Park Jewish Community Council has assisted, “Nobody, as far as I know, has ever called us back, that they were approved for this program,” director Sender Schwartz said.

The complicated application process prompted a teacher to seek his help Wednesday. She said her pay got docked and her husband lost his job as a barber. The family, which has four kids, is $15,000 behind on rent.

She asked that CBS2 hide her identity.

“This is always at the back of my mind, like, what are we gonna do? Where are we gonna live?” she said.~


Biden already provided rent money and plenty of it!

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. The people who still owe have not applied for the rent help or never qualified for it.
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