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Gender: Male
Hometown: California
Member since: Tue Apr 21, 2020, 02:48 AM
Number of posts: 9,892

Journal Archives

Republican tries to praise Louis DeJoy at hearing... it backfires spectacularly - Brian Tyler Cohen

A Republican just tried to praise Postmaster General Louis DeJoy… it backfired spectacularly.

What The Hell Happened?

Elmo Explains Tucker Carlson ...

Tucker Carlson Is An ...

One of These Is ...

A Special Kind Of Stupid

The Most Corrupt President ...

Republican leaders are asked whether Trump should attend CPAC... it didn't go well - Brian Tyler Cohen

Republican leaders were just asked whether Trump should attend the conservative conference, CPAC… it didn’t go well.

GOP suddenly cares about mean tweets, just not Trump's (CNN)

CNN's Ana Cabrera calls out Republicans for their vocal criticism of past tweets from two of President Biden's cabinet nominees after years of downplaying or ignoring controversial tweets from then-President Donald Trump.

The Psychology of Our Political Crisis - Matthew Cooke

We are in a culture war, but we often fail to understand it. If we fearlessly dig into what it is - and don't underestimate ourselves, we will win. We have reality on our side. That's a pretty strong advantage. And when we win, everyone wins. Share it if you feel it.

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