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Name: FuckOff
Gender: Male
Home country: KissmyAss
Member since: Tue Apr 21, 2020, 02:48 AM
Number of posts: 10,717

About Me

Fuck All You Trolls

Journal Archives

Dash Cam Saves Citizen From Lying Trooper - Audit the Audit

Never Talk To The Police

Dr. Birx drops bombshell about US Covid-19 deaths (CNN)

Dr. Deborah Birx, the coronavirus task force coordinator until former President Donald Trump, revealed in an interview with CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta that the number of coronavirus deaths could have been "decreased substantially" if cities and states across the country had aggressively applied the lessons of the first surge toward mitigation last spring, potentially preventing the surges that followed.

Sen. Klobuchar on convincing Manchin to reform filibuster (Brian Tyler Cohen interview)

INTERVIEW: Brian interviews Senator Amy Klobuchar about the filibuster (including how her own position evolved on it and whether she can help convince the Democratic holdouts to follow her lead), passing the For the People Act, the spate of recent shootings, and even how her relationship is doing with her campaign rival, Pete Buttigieg.

To Average People

Chris Wallace calls out Republican ON AIR for lying about Georgia's water ban in voting lines

Chris Wallace just called his Republican guest out ON AIR for lying about Georgia’s ban on water in voting lines. - Brian Tyler Cohen

Lindsey Graham CAN'T ANSWER why Georgians shouldn't get water on voting lines ON FOX NEWS

Lindsey Graham CAN’T ANSWER why Georgians shouldn’t get water on voting lines ON FOX NEWS. - Brian Tyler Cohen

Give Them Ice And Wait

Offer Not Valid In Georgia

Abby Phillip fact-checks Mitch McConnell's claims about the filibuster (CNN)

CNN's Abby Phillip explains history of the filibuster and how it was used, at times, to further racism.

Are You An American ...

I Am An American
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