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ItsjustMe's Journal
ItsjustMe's Journal
October 31, 2021

Student's Karen-Like Rant Is A GRIM Reminder - Rebel HQ

Just because a group is loud doesn't mean they are correct. Richard Ojeda breaks it down.

October 31, 2021

Bash presses Buttigieg on paid family leave (CNN)

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says that the administration will "continue pushing for" paid family and medical leave after the policy was gutted from President Joe Biden's sweeping economic package amid opposition from a key swing vote in the Senate.

October 31, 2021

Braves fan's reaction to Trump attending game cracks up CNN reporter (CNN)

CNN's Donie O'Sullivan gauges how Braves fans anticipate former President Donald Trump's reception will be at the World Series game in Atlanta against the Houston Astros.

October 31, 2021

Nurse Ken Films Himself Getting Fired - The Damage Report

Ken joins his fellow Karen's for this ironic anti-vax meltdown.

October 31, 2021

Bolivia: Fate of 11-year-old girl raped by family member sparks abortion debate

Religious groups seek to force girl to give birth as intervention of the Catholic church questioned


The fate of an 11-year-old girl who became pregnant after being raped by a family member has unleashed a fierce debate between human rights activists and the Catholic church in Bolivia, as religious groups seek to force her to complete the pregnancy and give birth.

The girl was impregnated after being repeatedly raped and suffering other sexual abuse by the father of her stepfather in the town of Yapacaní, in Bolivia’s eastern Santa Cruz region.

The girl was living with her sisters and 61-year-old step-grandfather, who is now in jail for the crime, because her parents were in La Paz working.

The case has thrown into sharp relief the gaping holes in the state’s protection for women and girls in Bolivia, which has one of highest levels of inter-familiar sexual violence and abuse in Latin America, and what some activists call a culture of rape.

The intervention of the Catholic church is also being severely questioned, after religious groups contacted the mother of the victim and persuaded her to oppose the termination of the pregnancy, a move which has prompted legal action by the Bolivian human rights ombudsman’s office.

“The girl didn’t even know what it meant to be pregnant; she told her cousin that she felt something moving inside her tummy. Her cousin told her mother – the girl’s aunt – who reported it to the police,” said Ana Paola García, the executive director of La Casa de la Mujer, a Bolivian women’s rights NGO.

October 31, 2021

Evangelical reality star Jim Bob Duggar announces run for office in Arkansas

Meanwhile, his eldest son Josh, who he allegedly protected from punishment before, facing a trial for federal child pornography charges.


Duggar family patriarch and former 19 Kids And Counting reality star Jim Bob Duggar is returning to a familiar front: the political trail. Duggar announced yesterday that he is running for public office again, this time seeking a seat on the Arkansas State Senate representing the state’s 7th Senate District in northwest Arkansas.

He made the announcement with a Facebook post on the Duggars’ official Facebook page. “I am honored to announce my candidacy for Arkansas State Senate District 7. Northwest Arkansas is my lifelong home. It’s where my wife Michelle and I have raised our 20 children,” he said.'

“Our family has been blessed by God in so many ways,” Duggar continued in the Facebook post. “We’ve found His love and goodness to be our source of strength in both our most joyous occasions and our darkest moments. It’s important to us to give back and to help others in every way we can.”

Duggar is hoping to take the seat previously held by two-term state Sen. Lance Eads (R), who resigned from the position this week to become a lobbyist for a Little Rock consulting firm. He won his last two elections easily, including in 2020, when he ran unopposed, and the seat also easily went to a Republican in the 2012 election.

October 30, 2021

Bannon Indictment Watch Day 8: DOJ Has Yet to Indict Bannon for his Crime of Contempt of Congress

Glenn Kirschner

The American people remain on Steve Bannon indictment watch. In the wake of DOJ's inaction, other witnesses - like Mark Meadows - seem to be emboldened to avoid complying with subpoenas from the House select committee. Here's what's at stake if DOJ refuses to enforce the rule of law and Congress refuses to use all lawful tools in its tool box - like its inherent power of contempt.

October 30, 2021

Elizabeth Warren claps back at Elon Musk over taxing the rich (CNN)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says Elon Musk and other billionaires are not paying their fair share of taxes and instead are "freeloading" on the backs of the rest of taxpayers. Video from CNN's Smerconish.

October 30, 2021

"Incredible" Roman statues unearthed in England's HS2 rail excavation


Archeologists have uncovered a set of "incredible" rare Roman statues while excavating a site in England ahead of a high speed rail project, the rail company said in a statement.

Two complete statues of a woman and a man, along with the head of a child, were found at the site of the old St Mary's Norman church in Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire, south east England, while archeologists were excavating a ditch around the foundations of an Anglo-Saxon tower.

As experts working on the High Speed 2 (HS2) project dug down, they found the three "stylistically Roman" busts, a discovery which archeologists have described as "astounding."

"For us to end the dig with these utterly astounding finds is beyond exciting," Rachel Wood, lead archaeologist for Fusion JV, who is working on the project, said in a statement.

"The statues are exceptionally well preserved, and you really get an impression of the people they depict -- literally looking into the faces of the past is a unique experience," Wood added.

"Of course, it leads us to wonder what else might be buried beneath England's medieval village churches. This has truly been a once in a lifetime site and we are all looking forward to hearing what more the specialists can tell us about these incredible statues and the history of the site before the construction of the Norman church."

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