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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Current location: India
Member since: Thu Jun 18, 2020, 11:40 AM
Number of posts: 479

About Me

I am an old-timer. I posted here as nam78_two for 4-5 years (2004 or 5 to 2009-10) in the Bush, Obama years.

Journal Archives


I can't stand Google....they are better than Facebook. That is about all...

Don't forget PR for say Facebook, Exxon etc.

For instance, whenever a story breaks about the creepy and unethical shit Facebook does, it is someone's job to go out there and pitch a phony "education" program as "philanthropy".

They probably do a cost-benefit analysis. You calculate the lowest amount you need to donate to the crap charities you run in order to offset your lousy image. It might work with the most gullible people out there.

I love corporate pr pushes for "education". The very people who benefit the most from a largely ignorant populace want to equip the same with a set of menial skills. Not to mention programming them with inane visions of what a meritocracy supposedly looks like.


To be honest, I have only read one thing from Graeber but it seemed pretty spot on.

On a related note, I recently discovered this academic Nicholas Carr...or at any rate some of his work...it was truly eye-opening...



I have been struggling more with work than ever since I worked at this absolutely shitty school in CA..Carr's article on how the web shatters focus was illuminating. I shudder when I see Facebook and the like dabble in education of all things. Tech is now deeply anti-intellectual...explains a lot about the world in some ways.



That sounds like it is straight out of a dystopian nightmare

It is ridiculous how much 2020 looks like the dystopian sci fi flicks I used to watch...right down to the bloody masks...

I don't watch stuff like that anymore...sitcoms work.


The Future

2170, Somewhere on the planet earth (Can be translated into your language of choice and the associated god can be tacked on).

5 yo: Daddy what are forests?

Dad: Darling they were these free-market destroying menaces that a bunch of terrorist hippies wanted protected because they hated little children like you and god. When you embrace the joys of motherhood and become a mommy at 15 (as long as residual evil feminists and other libtards don't interfere) you will realize that the many, many little lives you create depend on your husband and daddy. We men have the burden of vanquishing all forests, all other species and all regulation to protect precious little lives like yours. So get up darling and help mommy in the kitchen-put the books away dear. They addle your mind. A good woman needs no education beyond the instruction that can be found in religious texts.

Zuckerberg is also creeping around in India

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why corrupt and sleazy companies like Facebook and Google love to exploit the high background of corruption, misogyny and backwardness in developing nations like India, China etc.

He has learnt though that you need to ingratiate yourself to creepy, sleazy Indian billionaires like Ambani first.


This Indian creep Shivnath Thukral is his liasion with the Modi govt. Talk about a creepy set of alliances.


I like him...

Very cool

A remarkable young woman.
I tried to make sense of that problem but stopped when I felt a throbbing about the temples . Maybe another time....bookmarking it.
Very sad about Conway.
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