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Gender: Female
Current location: India
Member since: Thu Jun 18, 2020, 11:40 AM
Number of posts: 497

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I am an old-timer. I posted here as nam78_two for 4-5 years (2004 or 5 to 2009-10) in the Bush, Obama years.

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Thank you for posting this

I love that chart. It is the funniest thing I have seen in a while.
Also, they misspelled "dissident voices"...


But Mexico’s self-described leftist president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has shown little interest in reproductive rights or broader women’s issues, arguing that corruption is a more pressing concern than abortion, and insinuating that the organizers of a historic women’s strike in March were part of a conspiracy against his government.

That is unfortunate.....I hope the feminists gain traction.
Just 2 states have decriminalized abortion? I am glad India is not backward in this regard at least. In places with lots of gang rapes, it would compound the tragedy if abortion was illegal as well.

Help with imgur (RESOLVED)

Edit: Issue resolved thanks to CurtEastPoint.

I have checked out CurtEastPoint's thread and others but am still having trouble with imgur.

In brief:

DUer BumDaRush show had said:
I did a right-click on that pic (I use Firefox) to get a drop-down menu that offered a choice to "View image". Selecting that gave me the image full screen and I just copied the URL of that page and pasted here!

I am not even offered that "view image" option. But if I copy the permalink and open it in a browser like firefox, I get an ugly sort of link like this:


As I have seen others recommend, I trimmed out everything past the dot and added jpg. Now I can see the image but its resolution is much lower.


This is the original link:

I made a post for the science forum with some pics but am stuck with this issue :-/.

I have to go work but thanks in advance for any help. It is truly appreciated...


We are a pretty awful species....

Homeo, 5G and Covid-19 (via Retraction Watch)

Two papers have been retracted: one for advocating homeo in the treatment of infection by COVID-19 and the other for blaming COVID-19 on 5G.


Excerpts below:

Blaming “overflow of manuscripts” and “obviously biased” reviewers, journal will retract homeopathy-COVID-19 paper.

A public health journal will be retracting a paper that argued for the adoption of homeopathy in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, according to the editor in chief.

We reported on Saturday that the Journal of Public Health: From Theory to Practice, a Springer Nature title also known by its German name, Zeitschrift für Gesundheitswissenschaften, had published “Homeopathy combat against coronavirus disease (Covid-19)” on June 5.

At the time, we had not yet heard from Joachim Kugler, the journal’s editor, about how this might have happened. Today, Kugler told Retraction Watch:

You are tipping the finger in an open wound. Over the last weeks, we experienced an overflow of manuscripts, esp. with regard to COVID-19. The paper was reviewed by two reviewers who were obviously biased. Unfortunately, our quality control was not properly working, so the manuscript got accepted. We are now discussing with the publishers to retract this article soon.

In any case, I will write an editorial note.


Paper blaming COVID-19 on 5G technology withdrawn
A paper which argued that 5G cellphone technology could lead to infection with the novel coronavirus has been retracted, but not before scientific sleuth Elisabeth Bik wondered whether it was the “worst paper of 2020.”

The article, “5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells,” came from a group from Italy, the United States and Russia, and appeared in the Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents. The journal is published by Biolife, which asserts that it’s peer reviewed but has not responded to a request for comment.

The abstract is now marked “WITHDRAWN” on PubMed and the paper has disappeared from the journal’s website. The abstract has been preserved here. According to the authors:

In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells.

The authors of the paper clearly have a problem with 5G — but also with math.

The rest is at those links.

Researchers use Electric Fields to Direct Cell Movement

This is the first I have heard of this. I was familiar with chemotaxis where cells engage in directed migration in response to chemical gradients. I have even heard of magnetotaxis where some bacteria align themselves in response to magnetic fields. But this I have not really come across before...


Excerpts below:

Princeton researchers created a device that uses electrical fields to herd cells like sheep. This time-lapse movie shows a 90-degree turn in a layer of cells viewed under a microscope for eight hours. Video courtesy of the researchers; GIF by Neil Adelantar

This time-lapse movie shows a programmed circle maneuver in a layer of cells over eight hours. At left, a microscope image of the cells; center, their trajectories; right, changes in the electrical field’s direction.
Video courtesy of the researchers; GIF by Neil Adelantar

Researchers use electric fields to herd cells like flocks of sheep
Molly Sharlach, Office of Engineering Communications

Scientists have long known that naturally occurring electrochemical signals within the body can influence the migration, growth and development of cells — a phenomenon known as electrotaxis. These behaviors are not nearly as well understood as chemotaxis, in which cells respond to chemical concentration differences. One barrier has been a lack of accessible tools to rigorously examine cells’ responses to electric fields.

The new system, assembled from inexpensive and readily available parts, enables researchers to manipulate and measure cultured cells’ movements in a reliable and repeatable way. In a paper published June 24 in Cell Systems, the Princeton team described the assembly and preliminary studies using the device, which they call SCHEEPDOG, for Spatiotemporal Cellular HErding with Electrochemical Potentials to Dynamically Orient Galvanotaxis.

The SCHEEPDOG device contains two pairs of electrodes that are used to generate electric fields along horizontal and vertical axes, as well as recording probes to measure voltage and integrated materials to separate the cells from chemical byproducts of the electrodes. The voltage level is similar to that of an AA battery concentrated over the centimeter-wide chamber containing the cells.

“What the cells perceive is sort of a virtual angle, and that allows us to program any complex maneuver, like a full circle,” said Cohen. “That’s really surprising — that’s an amazing level of control that we wouldn’t have expected to be possible, especially with thousands of neighboring cells executing these maneuvers on command.”

The study “adds to the growing appreciation of cells’ responses to bioelectric aspects of their environment,” said Michael Levin, who directs the Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology at Tufts University and was not involved in the research.


Good for them. Go Vietnam!

He is not honorable

If any of this is true:



Alternet is well alternet. I am not sure what the National Memo is but mediabiascheck says they are left leaning and their reporting is mostly factual. Of course mediabiasfactcheck is apparently an amateur website. Maybe Matt Taibi is considered too far to the left. But with those caveats, going by those articles, he is not even honorable.

I don't have the time to check all that but you guys can correct me if I am wrong. I think his so-called honor is probably bs. He is less overtly vulgar than Trump. This guy is as sleazy as most of them are. It isn't about purity. I have little use for purity. I think Romney is actually a particularly evil and dangerous man. I could be wrong. Like I said, I am not an expert on Romney. But my gut feeling (and yes I sound like Bush ) is that he is neither moderate nor honorable. I stand corrected if those articles are wrong or misrepresenting things.

While it is admittedly a leading search, "Bain Capital scandals" brings up lots of links.

Visual Working Memory is Hierarchically Structured


According to the hierarchical encoding framework, it will be easier to recall the items in the first picture, rather than in the third one, due to the lower range of triangle orientations. Credit: Utochkin, I. S., & Brady, T. F. (2020). Individual representations in visual working memory inherit ensemble properties. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 46(5), 458-473.

Visual working memory is hierarchically structured

Researchers from HSE University and the University of California San Diego, Igor Utochkin and Timothy Brady, have found new evidence of hierarchical encoding of images in visual working memory. It turns out that the precision of remembering and recalling individual objects in a group is affected by ensemble representations—the mean and standard deviation of all objects in the group. The study has been published in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance.

Visual working memory stores information about a limited number of perceived objects during a short period of time while we are involved in a task exploiting this information. For example, you will be using visual working memory if you are asked to memorize circles on the screen and then recall the size of one of them.

It is known that working memory capacity is limited: we are capable of remembering about three or four objects on average. Many theories assume that each object is memorized, stored and forgotten in working memory independently of the other objects. In contrast, proponents of the hierarchical encoding framework do not agree with this assumption. According to this framework, memory encodes not only the information on each item separately, but also the information on the group of objects together. This generalized representation about the group is coded in ensemble summary statistics. The visual system can calculate the mean and standard deviation of all features of the items present.

The researchers carried out a series of experiments that demonstrate a strong impact of ensemble statistics on individual items' memory. In one of the experiments, the participants were shown a group of four isosceles triangles with different apex orientations. The range of apex orientations varied: they were pointing in about the same direction, or in completely different ones. The higher the variability, the more difficult it is to calculate the mean orientation.

"This says for a fact that even as we try to memorize items individually, our working memory also stores the summary of the whole group," commented Igor Utochkin, professor at the HSE School of Psychology. If precise information about a specific item isn't in memory, one uses the ensemble statistics to recall the approximate characteristics of the object. The more precise these statistics are, the more precise the response concerning that object is.

Hmm...see I would have thought that middle image would be the hardest to keep in memory. There is almost a clockwise rotation pattern in the 3rd that makes it easier to recollect than that middle one which is just chaotic (but then again I am not measuring it with any precision).

Thank you-this is so disturbing

Humane slaughter and humane living conditions are the minimum.

This is completely irrational. As a society we are too glib about animal suffering. The animals lowest in our messed up hierarchy are no less sentient than cats or dogs. This should shock and disturb any civilized society. People are suffering too but that does not excuse torture on this scale.
A society with access to technology imho is on a very messed up track if we don't see something very wrong with cruelty like this inflicted on living organisms this large (chickens, pigs) and on this scale.

That doesn't bode well for humans either..sigh..

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