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Member since: Mon Jun 22, 2020, 12:52 PM
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They are getting more and more desperate...keep your eyes on election day folks

4 months and 1 week until we vote him OUT once and for all. New to the board, but just want to point out what some of you realize and that's the fact the Repukes desperation is really showing. Grassley, McCarthey, Trumpler, Pence....all tweeting and gas lighting their slimy arses off today. Looks like their super genius new plan is to smear Joe for "hiding in his basement" which is just more cowardly BS to deflect from the fact they've led this country straight into an iceberg of epic proportions. The infuriating fact is that it was SO avoidable. Ignorant, stubborn dirt bags that simply couldn't and wouldn't listen to reason a short 4 months ago.

Hey, we have 4 months to the finish line folks and we will then start to wrestle back the soul of this country that's been hijacked by these immoral shit gibbons. Keep working, keep making calls, and making donations to our quality candidates and hang ON because we know they'll stop at virtually nothing to retain power. Glad to be here
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