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XanaDUer2's Journal
XanaDUer2's Journal
September 30, 2020

"Both idiots" frustrating work conversation

At work today, minus one Democrat, the general feeling was that both Biden and Trump were awful. I pointed out the Biden did a great job, stayed on point, was presidential, and laid out his policies. Even when Trump went low, and low he did go.

I felt that, because Trump acted crazy and like a dumpster fire, people are holding that against Biden. What the Hell is Biden supposed to do when he was being interrupted constantly, talked over, put down. I thought he stayed rather calm and I was glad to finally hear someone tell Trump to shut his yap.

I hope a lot of others are not viewing Joe through a lens like this because of TRUMP'S behavior. I am still upset about hearing this. Maybe because we were at work people thought they should complain about both sides? Just had to get this off my chest.

So frustrating. I, personally, think the debate made Trump look even more deranged to the average swing voter.

September 27, 2020

Anyone here can tell me about living in upstate ny?

I'm thinking Catskill, Palenville, etc. Maybe 2 hrs notth of nyc. Thinking of retiring there. Used to spend summers there as a kid all the time. I know about the snow, lol. Been there in the Winter. TIA if anyone knows.

September 19, 2020

Ever know in your guts it was going to get this bad?

I was 15 when Reagan was sworn into office. I remember his fight with the air traffickers. I remember feeling queasy about that, even as a teenager. Watching Republicans and their enablers over the last 40 years, RW extremism and fascism have come to full fruition.

A lot of my generation will say RR was one of the greatest Presidents, and I have to remind them how things got worse for average people upon his election. Older people who know better, well, know better. I have a memory of when I was about 20, of a man and his wife, and his kid being turned away from an emergency room for not having the money nor the insurance for care. And even then, I thought, this is crazy. What is going on? I was on my parents' insurance, so I was in my little bubble, but finally starting to realize not everything here in Kansas is okay. I still think about that family years later, and wonder what they did about the man's injury. Why do American elect a RR and why do they continue to make life miserable for themselves and other average Americans?

Ever feel this craziness was coming, but no one believed you? Knowing that Roe V Wade was always in their crosshairs and they would never stop until they overturned it. The book True Believer by Eric Hoffer predicted in the 70s that we would eventually, end up with a wanna-be dictator like Trump. I am going to vote, donate, and do everything I can to get rid of Trump and his minions. Thanks for reading.

Sinclair Lewis said "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

September 13, 2020

Does anyone have a Zen garden?

In my dream home, I'd love to have a zen garden with tasked stones, rocks -I know they symbolize different things, a Buddha statue, Japanese lamp, and a water feature. I live in an apartment, so I bought a small sand garden for a tabletop. I spend hours watching Youtube of different Zen gardens, various statutes, etc. I'm hoping, if I ever buy a place, I'll have at least a patio for something like a Zen garden

September 12, 2020

Awful anti-Cal Cunningham ads

Lol they're pathetic, esp the garbage - bah one. Just saw the ad making Cunningham sound like a Commie for expanding healthcare. Thom ,Tillis, watch out

September 12, 2020

Scary loss of memory

I hope everyone is well this Saturday.

I had a disturbing thing happen today. I make mental lists of things I need at the drugstore. Today, although I'd been thinking for days, of an item I needed as well as my Rx, I was, and still am, unable to remember the item . It's like a complete blank. I walked into cvs and just nothing. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm keeping a notepad next to me now, and I'm going to write things down and see if I can recall them.

Then I have notes if I forget! Scary experience. I take lamictal, latuda.

September 7, 2020

Getting SSDI

Hi all. I'm trying to get onto ssdi I the next year. I'm 55. I suffer horribly from stress, anxiety, and have been doagnosed as bipolar. My cutrent job has great benefits, but is the main source of crippling anxiety.

So much to say. I assume I'll be turned down when I first apply. Then a lawyer I've spoken with comes in to assist. It could take a year. I'm unclear if republicans have made it more difficult for people to receive ssdi. I don't have enough savings to live on for a year. I do have a short-term disability insurance policy from work if I went out (third time) on fmla. Then my employer has LTD they pay for. I could perhaps, live on these while awaiting ssdi. I also anticipate being turned down for both STD and LTD. i was for the short term, although I pay premiums for it. LTD is employer paid.

The SSD attorney said they can help with insurance denials.

I just feel trapped and unhappy. I've worked over 30 yrs and really need ssdi, although it'll mean losing 50% of my income.

Anyone have any opinions, etc, personal experience? I feel mental disability is not taken as seriously as physical.

September 7, 2020

Watching Fincher's Zodiac

I love this movie. Seen it dozens of times..

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