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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 03:20 PM
Number of posts: 630

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Coffee addict. Political progressive.

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Right wing think: Don't tread on me while I tread all over you.

Coming from the right wing crowd of Fascists we here it over and over again.
"Don't tread on me." When they say that, they try to imply to not threaten their freedom.

Yet these Fascist assholes will gladly tread on others freedom.

Republicans and their Fascist followers tread on gay people's freedom with "Don't Say GAY" laws and opposition to gay marriage. They oppose hate crime protections for LGBTQ people.

They will gladly tread on transgender people.

They will gladly tread on women when it comes to choice, birth control, equal pay, women's independence.

They tread on minorities.

They tread on the elderly, retirees and the disabled by trying to kill Social Security.

They tread on workers. They tread on living wages. They tread on the 40 hour work-week and overtime pay.

They tread on democracy and our right to vote.

The GOP defines treading on freedom.


I'd love to see our Democratic Party call them out with this message.

Don't tread on gay people. FUCKING SAY GAY.

Don't tread on women.

Don't tread on minorities.

Don't tread on the elderly or disabled.

Don't tread on workers.

Don't tread on democracy and our right to vote.

Who's doing the REAL treading now?
Now we know.

The Fascist Treading Republican Party.

Should MLB remove Tony La Russa's stuck in the 1950's, bigoted, drunk driving ass?

Is water wet?

Does a bear shit in the woods?

EDIT to give some context..

Designate the NRA as the terrorist organization as it is, along with all of their members..

No org is more ANTI-LIFE than the NRA and its members.

Pro-gun is the ultimate ANTI-LIFE movement..

they are hell-bent on killing as many humans as possible.

The NRA is a terrorist organization.

Expose the NRA's leadership to the public, so we can go picket their neighborhoods.

Greg Abbott, the blood is also on your hands..

Wear it with pride, you murderous anti-life, fascist, piece of shit.

Their so-called PRO-LIFE rhetoric should start with gun control..

Where is the so-called pro-life movement whenever a mass shooting happens in the good ole USA?

Implore the pro-life movement to take on gun control.

Hold their feet to the fire.

Where the fuck are they when the ground runs red?

Creating a Conservative. Fux Noise, Newsmax, OAN etc.. brainwash them to HATE democracy.

Their common narrative, HATE on democracy.

This was a similar narrative of Hitler. Do we think that Hitler would have championed free and fair democratic elections?

Hitler despised the thought of democracy.

Republicans despise democracy.

See the authoritarian similarity?

Warn voters. They'll listen if their right to vote is under assault.

Republicans are assaulting our right to vote.

They're following the narrative of Putin and Hitler.

Poison/kill your political opponents, instead of defeating them in a fair/free election.

Notice the GOP's war on democracy in a tad different light now? Most here have seen it all along..

Democrats, get vocal and run ads that expose the GOP's war against democracy.

They are trying to use their own big government fascism to limit our votes.

Republican Party's obsession with banning birth control and choice is..

their party's Fascist BIG GOVERNMENT OPPRESSION of women.

Democrats are starting to teach people that fact. The outcry from our side has been inspiring, lately. Since the USSC leak.

To our Party..

Run ads on TV, Youtube, SM etc and ask people..

Are you going to allow Republicans to ban the pill, birth control, and choice?

Are you going to allow these BIG GOVERNMENT FASCISTS to rob you of your freedom?

Who's the BIG GOVERNMENT, freedom-robbing authoritarians now?


I wake up at 5am every morning. I walk outside to breathe fresh air every morning. Even in brutal northern Minnesota winter mornings.

I look up at the stars. I thank them for the Democratic Party.

Democrats are the party of reason.

Democrats are the true freedom-fighters.

Democrats protect freedom.

Campaign on that wonderful message.

US Democracy 101..

The United States is filled with "PURPLE" voting districts.

Meaning, they swing from red(Repub) to blue(Dems) based on today's political winds.

Elections in these purple swing districts are often decided by 2-5% when determining the electoral victor.

Sadly, Democrats lose so many elections by 1-2% or similar.

Thus proving,

Is 2-5% such a hurdle for our Democratic Party to overcome?

Hell no!

Fellow Democrats, get aggressive in this upcoming midterm election.

Putin, Trump, and the GOP are despotic brothers in arms.

Teach the US people that fact.

Sway the 5% needed to win these purple districts.

Democrats, take the gloves off vs the GQP in the upcoming midterm elections.

I've been politically active for 51 years and have seen us lose too fucking many 2% electoral losses.

So many fine Democrats have lost because of 1%.

Fire up our base and fire up swing voters.

It can be done.

A message I'd like to see Democrats campaign on in the upcoming election season.

Vote or Republicans will take that right away from you. Stop the Republican Party's nationwide mission to restrict your right to vote.

Ask voters,

Why do you think they are trying to prevent you from voting?

Putin hates democracy. Republicans hate democracy. See the connection?

Will you allow Republicans to stop you from voting?


I would love to see our party run ads that expose the GQP to voters on social media YT, IG, FB etc and on TV.

We have to get aggressive in this upcoming midterm, to avoid an election day slaughter in the midterms and hopefully maintain Dem majorities.
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