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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 03:20 PM
Number of posts: 522

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Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

Global warming hastens microbial evolution. Get ready for more pandemics.

Science has proven many facts. Among them, the smaller the organism, the faster it can evolve to adapt to its surroundings.

In the past 25 years we've seen new pandemics explode..





Global warming is hastening the rate of evolution of these microbes.

New diseases just don't pop up out of nowhere.

The scariest part of global warming isn't rising oceans or weather events.

It's the proven fact that modern pandemics are directly traced to global warming and these new "bugs" that are growing from their free energy source.


Biden is the next FDR.

I'm 50 years old. I've been actively engaged in Democratic Party politics since 1992.

The only Republicon that I ever voted for was in 1990. I immediately saw the error of that choice because the fucker cut state spending on college assistance. Arnie Carlson Rethug gov of Minnesota. He tried to undo Minnesota's high quality of life by undoing our states progressive policies such as high standards of public education, health care, social programs that work etc.

Since that folly in 1990, I have moved far to the left. Today, I consider myself quite far left. Just to give an idea of where I come from on a political scale. IOW I'm an old crotchety left-wing yellow-dog. Kinda scary to look at, but get to know me....

I support left-wing causes because they invoke compassion for our fellow human beings.

I support..
Universal Health Care

A $17 federal minimum living wage

Employee Free Choice Act

Major federal police reforms

Banking regulation

Carbon emission regulation

Environmental protection

Taxation for the super-rich and a taxation on accumulated super-wealth

Balancing our budgets(once we recover from the pandemic)

Cleaner, sustainable energy solutions

A New Deal-like infrastructure rebuilding program

There are so many more progressive topics that I could rant about all day but these are just a few to give an idea of where I come from.

President Joe Biden is fighting for much of what is mentioned above. He's fighting for a $15 minimum wage, albeit implemented slowly, still a major step in the right direction. He's calling for a New Deal-like infrastructure program. He's calling for price-controls on prescription drugs, so very needed. He has a great plan for environmental protection and carbon reduction. His plan to tax the super-rich needs to happen.

In 3 months, Pres Biden has already written an incredible progressive legacy. On par with FDR.

(Fun Fact: The New Deal took several years to implement fully. The New Deal 2 was signed into law by FDR several years after the New deal.)

IOW, give Biden time to heal this nation and the mess left by Trump.

He's the most progressive political leader of my 50 year old lifetime.

In closing, I'm not ranting this OP at fellow DUers, I get it, we're all Biden fans. Just want to chat about my very favorable view of my beloved Pres, Joe.

He's doing a great job in spite of the shit-show he was handed by Trump.

"And the population of Puerto Rico is bigger than 6 of these states COMBINED." PR needs statehood.

In regards to this OP I posted..

It's probably bad form and/or a DU rules violation to call out fellow DUers in a post in a negative way, but this is to say thanks. A positive shout-out!

A wise DUer by the name of Mackdaddy called out the fact that I left out PR when calling for DC statehood. Mackdaddy is right!.

His reply..

"And the population of Puerto Rico is bigger than 6 of these states COMBINED.

With a population of about 3.2 million it is bigger than any of these states listed by several times.

But no real representation for all of these US Citizens?"

So very true.

The point, PR and DC need statehood. Anything less is a violation of the human rights of all of their citizens.

Washington DC's population is larger than the state of Wyoming.

DC 705,000

Wyoming 578,000

Let that sink in for a moment.

DC needs statehood.

Ask an anti-vaxxer, where are the dead bodies from the covid vaccine or really any vaccine?

10's of millions of people in the US have already been vaccinated against covid with the latest figures approaching 100 million. I've done my own extensive research and deaths due to side effects or possible reaction from covid vaccines are extremely rare. Almost non-existent compared to the near 100 million vaccinated.

So, to anti-vaxxer neighbors, coworkers, maybe even family members..

Where are they hiding all the dead killed by covid vaccines and Bill Gates micro-chipping us?

Where the fuck are the dead bodies?

Because there ARE 500,000 dead bodies from Trump's failure to respond to the global pandemic. He called it a hoax for the first 2 months when we instead could have responded early and saved hundreds of thousands of deaths by taking it seriously. Mask mandates, distancing, more available testing, stay at home etc..

500,000 dead from covid and these antivax assholes still question science with ZERO evidence to back up their stupidity.

If the covid vaccine were deadly it would have killed 10's of thousands of people by now.

Trump's covid is deadly.

Our vaccines are safe.

Ask the anti-covid-vaxxer..
Where are all the dead bodies? Hiding in some Bill Gates bunker somewhere?

Bonus question..
Ask them, why is science never on your side in any argument? Where is your anti-vax science? What's your highest level of science education?

Why doesn't Norway, Sweden, the UK have daily gun/shooting deaths?

They all have smart gun control. Gun control works.

The US is the epicenter of the gun death epidemic.

Because we lack the same sensible gun-control laws that work in every other nation that has implemented them.

Democrats, ask the GOP why does gun control work so well every where it is enacted. It can work here at home with the same effective results.

Gun control works. That's why it scares the GOP so bad.

See the UK, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Japan...

Then see the daily mass shootings in the US.

The proof is eye-opening.

Once per congressional term, require an 8th grade science test for every federal office-holder.

With questions regarding human evolution from lower life-forms to the science behind man-made global warming to the science behind vaccine effectiveness. More topics would also need to be added but this is just a baseline suggestion.

This puts congress-critters views on paper, front and center. Make every elected politicians political "beliefs" regarding science a clear issue by making these test results public.

When the GOP idiots deny global warming, these test results show the US citizens the kind of ignorance that the GOP represents, and why they should be removed from power.

When the GOP denies evolution, they deny one of the most important parts of modern human physiology and health. We evolved to be healthy from certain foods and we get sick from eating bad diets. Science explains this. The GOP denies it. Its all in God's hands, according to them. Live for today and not tomorrow.

When the GOP denies vaccine efforts, they prove themselves unfit for any elected office. They are a dangerous lot. Vaccine denial should become a federal crime.

When global warming creates the next super-pandemic bug, science will be our saviour, not the GOP's ignorant denial and prayers.

Science will save us from covid, GOP prayers won't.

Put their scientific views on paper so we can show their stupidity to the world.

Almost the entire GOP is made up of 8th grade science flunkouts.

Once every 2 years, every elected officeholder should take an 8th grade science test. One day, 4 hours to complete it.

Put their scientific knowledge or lack thereof on paper, for all the world to see.

To Sen Joe Manchin, please join the rest of the party.

Or you sadly might find your party in the minority after 2022.

Democrats are fighting the good fight and need you. Filibuster reform. Protection of voting rights. Minimum wage reforms..

The protection of voting rights may very well decide elections in 2022.

To Sen Joe, we need you. Again, you may find yourself in the minority party after 2022 if things don't change at the federal level.

Sen Joe, join us. The other 99.99999% of us Democrats who want to inch the US forward. Protect voting rights and democracy.

To Sen Manchin, you have a chance to build the legacy of a senate hero if you would just get behind our president and support a Democratic agenda.

To Sen Manchin, join us. You won't regret it.

Why do Dems seem a bit afraid of tackling a subject with 60%+ approval from the general population?

I don't want to frame this as a criticism of Dems. This is pretty much based on my own curiosity.

Do Dems realize how much weed is traded on the black market, on a daily basis. In other words, do we understand how much non-taxed/untaxed weed is bought and sold. Some states have taken their own initiative and legalized rec pot. Some states only allow medicinal pot, requiring a doctor prescription and other often very difficult hoops to jump through.

Those states are seeing economic growth as the pot industry provides so many jobs. Legal pot is a tax revenue generator and these states are seeing benefits.

Legal pot at the federal level could create a national industry, with perhaps millions of jobs. The tax revenue is a necessity to help our country get through this tough time. Again, do we realize how much untaxed pot is bought and sold each day in the US?

President Biden's infrastructure plan is giving me some New Deal vibes. I support it 100%. Our country needs it. Legal pot can help pay for it.

Regarding human rights, it's the right thing to do. Stop caging people in prisons for non-violent pot offenses. Pardon them.

In poll after poll, I keep reading that support for legal weed from the general population is almost always in the mid 60% approval. Legal weed is politically popular.

We tax liquor.

Do we realize how much revenue is lost on a daily basis by keeping pot illegal?

Please Democrats, start talking about it.

While I dislike grading Democrats, Biden is giving me FDR-like vibes and has earned a straight A.

The reason I don't like grading Democrats is simple. They are handed shit-show after shit-show. They are forced to attempt to the best of their abilities, to work with the fucking imbeciles known as the entire GOP, accept for maybe, Romney, Collins. The only 2 GOPers that at least have a limited ability to be reasonable..

Democrats are often forced to compromise with a GOP party filled with MTG idiotic ideology.

Personally, I've learned a lesson in my 50 year old existence. Before I criticize an elected Dem I ask myself, could I do any better in their shoes? If I were an elected official in their shoes, could I gather the votes to get our bills passed?

I've finally learned in life to stop being critical and start being thankful. Thankful that we have Democrats willing to fight for us. Thankful that we have a Democratic Party that fights against a racist and authoritarian GOP. I'm very thankful to every Dem who fought the good fight for a $15 minimum wage in vain, keep fighting that good fight. Eventually, we will win that one.

I'm thankful that Dems are fighting to save our environment and planet from the planet-killing robber barons known as the GOP.

To every Democratic Party officeholder, thank you for fighting to preserve voting rights. Thank YOU! for fighting against the GOP's war on voting.

Global Warming is the #1 threat to our future. Warming hastens the evolution of microbial life. The same kinds of microbes that start global pandemics. Warming raises ocean levels, floods out entire regions, and contributes to every storm's severity.

Notice the increase in storm severity in the past 20 years?

Democrats do while Rethugs pray it away.

Notice the gun violence epidemic in the U.S. in the past X hundreds of years?

Where is the pro-life GOP on mass shootings and on the fact that 2020 was the US's deadliest year ever, regarding gun-related deaths?
Where are these so-called pro-lifers when another daily mass shooting kills another 10 and wounds 30? Or worse, even more dead and wounded..

Where are these GOP pro-lifers? Busy praying it away.

I'm thankful we have a Democratic Party that realizes that we need more than prayers, we need sensible gun regulations. Other nations do it with great results. The UK, Scandinavian nations, Australia, Japan do not have near-daily mass shootings because of strong gun regulations.

Gun regulations work.

I'm thankful that we have a Dem Party that stands up to the gun lobby/NRA etc.

President Biden has shown strong leadership and has fought for all of the above. Pres Biden's just released infrastructure plan is an economic re-builder, on par with FDR's New Deal.

If I could give any advice to a political veteran like Pres Joe,

Legalize Marijuana to pay for your New Deal 2 level infrastructure plan. Our county needs your infrastructure plan.

Frame your presidency as the New Deal 2. Pres Biden has shown some seriously great progressive chops early in his presidency. I'm a Bernie-bro that has long been a Biden political admirer.

Biden was a force in the Senate for those many years. To this day, he is still highly respected by the U.S. Senate. Another reason why Biden is a great fighter for us.

In closing, from an old yellow-dog, crusty curmudgeon, to Pres Biden...

I am thankful that you are my President!! Thank God!! Thank the stars!!

I'm just plain thankful that leaders like Joe exist.

Salute to Democrats.
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