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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 03:20 PM
Number of posts: 522

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Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

I'd like to see protesters peacefully assemble at the wall of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

and chant, "Fuck you Donald Trump, fuck you."


Until Jan 20. I'd join that.

Trump will have the RUNS in 2024..

nothing more..

As he stands on his tippy-toes chained to a corner, looking out the tiny 8"x 8" window from his padded cell, his straight-jacket restraining him.

Will it be a fart, or will it fill his diaper?

Yes, I know this is gross but it's a Saturday night..

Do baseless, absurd lawsuits ever warrant contempt of court?

Part of being a political nerd is that I follow court cases and decisions closely. So do many here on DU. Federal courts, USSC, state SC's etc.

These decisions affect our lives and our country.

Judges are granted incredible powers by the constitution. When one walks into a court of law it's no joke. Judges don't like having their time wasted by bullshit, baseless legal arguments. Noone likes to have their time wasted.

Trump is repeatedly filing baseless, bogus, absurd lawsuits because he got land-slided on Nov 3.

Biden handed Trump his bloated orange ass. Trump's response, to sue himself into infamy by becoming the worst sore loserman in the history of human democracy.

Trump's laughable court cases have presented ZERO evidence of any wrong-doing.

I'm no legal expert. I'm asking this because DU has many members that know a hell of a lot more about legal issues than I could ever hope to.

Using a court of law to attempt to argue a totally baseless lawsuit is an attempt to disrespect the court. When a person disrespects a judge, they wander into the territory of contempt of court.

Repeatedly filing baseless lawsuits may cross that thresh-hold.

So I had to ask fellow DUers, is it time for a judge to issue contempt of court charges? Has Trump's actions warranted COC?


Let's name the disease after the orange fuhrer, not the vaccine.

Biden is the cure.

Why it's time for Speaker Pelosi and SML Schumer to call on Trump to resign.

Trump's childish refusal to concede is a national security threat. It's wandering into the territory of treason.

Just the fact that Trump is stone-walling Biden's daily intel briefings is a nat'l security threat by itself, on a treasonous level.

Perhaps only symbolic, Trump likely won't resign but it's a gesture that would go down in history. It would add another gigantic pock-mark to the orange felon and his boiling skin.

Embarrass the orange lunatic. Let it echo in eternity.

That political leaders called on Trump to resign for his crimes. Destroy his legacy.

Fuck Sore Loserman and everything he stands for.

To Don the Con..
Present your non-existent evidence that Dems "stole" the election or resign/concede immediately. It better be a smoking gun or just go fuck yourself.

Somewhere, a padded room and straight-jacket await you.

Poles are melting, holes in the sky. Woods are on fire. Scary pollution. The Earth's gonna die.

To Uncle Joe. Our beloved Prez-elect.

How can we help you save this planet?

I think that you're the person to start this process of saving our only home. Democrats, let's start a discussion on saving this planet.

Joe will lead us in the right direction. Give him a chance and encourage him on environmental action.

Conservative ignorance is the #1 national security threat.

Their denial of all science.

Evolution, choice, Covid, global-warming, environmental destruction, pollution, man-made cancers(see the former)

It's time to indict and prosecute the purveyors of this filth. The reich-wing You-tube channels that barf out lies against science, the Twitter accounts etc.

They're not exercising free-speech, there propagating lies.

People die because of said lies.

It's as simple as that.

Army basic training taught us that the U.S. is almost un-attackable.

(trust me, there's a valuable lesson to be learned here vs our blank-check MIC spending)

One of the most valuable lessons I've ever learned in life is that our country, due to its geographic isolation, is nearly impossible to attack on a full scale invasion.

Our east and west borders are protected by thousands of miles of unforgiving oceans. It would be almost impossible to "sail" a navy across either ocean to attack, defeat, and capture the U.S.

To land an army, to capture our seas and seaports, to invade and conquer the US into submission and surrender would require a world-wide effort vs the U.S.

In other words, good luck with that.

There are 3 basic options to attack the U.S.

Staging an army in Mexico or Canada, in which we could simply bomb staging points to smithereens...

Missiles.. Guess what, we have missiles too. The threat of mutual destruction means only an imbecile would shoot a missile at the U.S.

Cyber warfare.. again, we have hackers too.

Since 1980 and Ray-gun, we have been lied to on a criminal level. We've been force-fed the same old bullshit that we need to spend our nation's treasure into bankrupting levels to fund our national "defense".

9/11 happened because Bush let it happen. We could've stopped that attack before it happened but Bush needed his war to prop up his failing presidency.

Show me a military worthy of attacking the U.S. and defeating us on our own soil and I'll laugh in anyone's face.

This lesson, taught to me by my beloved drill sergeants in basic training still resonates today, perhaps louder than ever.

It's beyond time to expose the profit-driven lies barfed out by the MIC, Raytheon, Northrup-Grumman etc.

All we need is..
a downsized, high-tech military, WITHIN OUR OWN BORDERS that monitors our 4 borders. We don't need a military spread across the globe that can conquer the planet 10 times over while also bankrupting our nation and lining the pockets of MIC vultures.

The MIC is criminal political corruption defined.

NEVER let anyone tell you that we need to spend ourselves into bankruptcy to fund a world-dominating military force that has proven unsustainable.

Nature has provided our continent with more defense measures that any military weapon ever could. Isolation.

Im thankful for my fireball whiskey today..

I don't drink much. I'm a lightweight. I need days or sometimes weeks between drinks before my 49 year old self can fully recuperate. Politics likely pushes me to imbibe more than any other force on Earth, our only home.

When I read that John Bolton is calling on GOP leadership to explain to Trump MAGA supporters that Trump lost and Biden won, I was struck(with joy, of course).

The sky is falling around Trump. His bloated ego is crashing down around him. Bolton was a Trump ally. He was a Trump foreign policy and national security advisor.

Love or hate Bolton, but he gave a gut-punch to the GOP's disrespect to the newly elected Prez-elect, our beloved Joe.

Bolton gave a middle-finger to Trump as well.

And that's why I had two shots of fireball whiskey today.

It's becoming clear as to why the orange felon won't leave office.

Deep down, he fears prosecution even if he won't admit it.

He knows what lies ahead if he is forced out of office.

Prosecute the snake.

If we as citizens care anything about rule of law.

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