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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 03:20 PM
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Coffee addict. Political progressive.

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Impending doom: The most dangerous aspect of global warming that few are talking about.

Global warming is real.

Warmth hastens microbial evolution similar to a body builder injecting steroids.

Warmth is like a growth hormone for microbial life.

It's a free energy source for microbes, but it comes at 1 cost.

To survive, microbes must adapt to a warmer climate.

This extreme adaptation requires microbial life to evolve.

This evolution can often result in dangerous new disease causing microbes. Bacteria, viruses etc..

Just in the past 50 years we've seen..

Pandemic explosions..

H1N1 Swine Flu
Mers(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)
Bird Flu
Mad Cow
Chronic wasting syndrome

Many of these diseases seemed to come out of nowhere. Like they just burst on to the scene and began their deadly onslaughts.

Warmth hastens the evolution of microbial life with often devastating results.

New pandemics are the new normal.

New pandemics will plague us for the foreseeable future with no end in sight.

Science will be our only defense.

Science NOT bombs must become the focal point of national defense.

Democrats, START talking about the dangers of microbial evolution caused by increasing global temperatures.

This problem will not go away by ignoring it.

How many more pandemics will it take to open our eyes?

Make America Live Again

Yeah, I know. Kinda corny.

Still, I have to throw it out there..

Can we have BLUE hats made with that slogan on it?

Instead of making America great, he made America die.

History will nail covid-19 to Trump's ass. He will be forever known as the covid pandemic president.

It will be his permanent legacy. Etched in stone. FOREVER.

As the spread of covid explodes, the pandemic will have KILLED 250,000+ Americans by November 3rd.

Fellow Democrats,
Continue to hit Trump hard on his lack of any response to the global and national pandemic.

As our people die, as our economy dies...

Dems, ask voters if Trump "Made America Great Again".

Make America Live Again- by electing Joe Biden and Democratic.

Take off your gloves, Democrats. Hit Trump hard in political ads. It will benefit the entire party, especially down-ballot. Senate, House, Govs, state, county, local offices...

Make America Live Again by voting for Joe/Kamala and down-ballot Dems.

Joe can heal a nation scorched by Trump.

Is our nation better off today than it was 4 years ago?

When election day arrives in November, approximately 250k-300k will be DEAD from covid-19.

Trump claimed that the virus pandemic would disappear in the summer months only to see the polar opposite happen. The pandemic exploded at record pace. It appears to have exploded in virulence, its ability to be ultra-contagious.

This summer's pandemic explosion proves that Trump is a lying imbecile. It also proves just how unfit for office that Trump is.

America is dying because of Trump. It only took Trump 3.5 years to kill this country.

Racial strife. I hardly remember a time when our country was so divided. Trump loves him some division. He feeds on it like the parasite that he is.

Trump's assault on mail-in voting and the post office is an assault on our democracy.

Our economy is in shambles with little hope in sight, or so it would seem.

But there is hope. Their names are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

A message to team Joe. I'd like to see you run ads asking Americans if they think the US is better off today than 4 years ago.

Only the most die-hard Trump supporters would say yes.

The remaining 70% of us are looking to team Biden to be the healer.

To Joe and Kamala..
There are a lot of votes to be had by asking voters to look inward and ask ourselves, are we better off today than 4 years ago?

VOTE like our FUCKING lives depend on it. Because our lives DO depend on it.

CoviDON has proven that fact.

To any Dem campaigning for elected office, grab your bullhorn and scream it from the rooftops..

To every voter..



I hope the Biden campaign starts running ads on this subject.

Drain the sewage of Donald Trump

an idea for a Biden campaign theme...

Pandemic Don..

Every time the orange hemorrhoid calls Biden "Sleepy Joe"..

Biden should tweet or say it on any live TV interview..

Shut up, Pandemic Don.

Trump FLOATED the idea of delaying the election to gauge interest in actually attempting to delay it

Stop and think about it for a moment.

That wasn't just some random impulsive tweet. He actually floated the idea to see if he would attract support for the idea. He had a plan. If his fellow GOPers would've supported the idea, he'd likely push for a real delay. Which of course would require congressional approval.

His tweet was meant to measure interest in delaying the election. It was a test to measure if the idea was popular with his party.

It went over like a lead balloon. It backfired on him spectacularly.

IF we think of it like this, we can better understand the gravity of that tweet.

Was does it mean?

Pres Pantrumpic has declared war on democracy.

I hope every Democratic campaign ad reminds voters of Pantrumpics wish to delay the election and his war on our right to vote his bloated orange ass out in Nov.

A man afraid of losing will seek to delay an election. A person who is confident about winning will welcome election day, like Joe.

Pantrumpic, the countdown to the end of your terrible presidency has begun.

Remind voters up until election day of Trump's pathetic attempt to delay the election.

A message that I'd like to see in Democratic campaign ads..

To nearly every voter..

Donald Trump is trying to prevent you from voting.

Are you going to sit on your ass and let Trump keep you from voting?

Are you going to let Trump defeat you into not participating in our democracy?

Vote as if your right to vote depends on it, because it fucking does.

(yes, this all can be worded much better than my crotchety old ass can come up with but I think I've made the point..)


My personal flair..

Voting is your middle finger to Trump. (although, getting that part on TV might prove difficult )

To the anti-mask/covid-denying idiots that compare the pandemic to the flu..

and nearly every one of them lean right or are Trump supporters.

As of Today..
Covid-19 has killed 152,000 people in the US alone.

We are 5 months into this pandemic.

In recent years, the flu has killed 30,000-40,000 people per year in the US.

The US is on pace to see 375,000 - 400,000 deaths from Covid-19 this year.

Covid-19 is 8-10 times deadlier than the flu.

I've had Covid-19. My symptoms started March 22 and lasted until Apr 4. My worst symptoms were lung pain and very restricted breathing. I went into fully isolated quarantine for 37 days. 14 days after my symptoms cleared, I tested negative with a nasal swab test from a local health dept testing facility. I drove my car inside of this large city garage that was set up as a testing site. The nurses were dressed in full PPE and administered the swab through my car window.

I recovered but my lungs are scarred. My breathing capacity is less than 75% of what it was before my Covid illness.

My scarred lungs may never return to normal. My breathing is still restricted and may stay that way for the rest of my life. Medical professionals are unsure if lungs scarred by Covid will return to normal in the patients that have restricted breathing as a result of their illness.

Many who are symptomatic with Covid will experience the problem of restricted breathing after they recover from the illness. That problem can last a lifetime, we simply don't know if our lungs will ever fully heal.

The lungs of many of these patients are scarred to the point of being totally disabling.

Covid-19 is creating disability in many of those who showed symptoms ranging from mild to those who needed respirators.

To the idiots that attempt to downplay Covid-19's serious nature by calling it flu-like or comparing the pandemic to the flu..

Does the flu create disability compared to Covid-19?

Has the flu ever created a whole wave of people that may be disabled for life and will need disability assistance?

Trump has tried to compare the flu to Covid in the past. Many of his followers co-opt that lie.

Democrats need to campaign against Trump and the entire GOP on these issues.

Call them out with simple facts and stats. I'll close this rant with said stats..

Covid kills 8-10 times more people in the US than the flu.

Covid is creating an entire huge group of people who have been disabled from Covid.

The false narrative that Covid isn't serious is a major contributing factor in the recent Covid explosion in new cases.

Is the flu killing a 1000 people a day in the US? Covid is.
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