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Wicked Blue

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Maryland
Home country: United States
Member since: Tue Aug 11, 2020, 09:58 PM
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Amazon's anti-union blitz stalks Alabama warehouse workers everywhere, even the bathroom

Washington Post
By Jay Greene
Feb. 2, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. EST

SEATTLE — Some workers in Amazon’s Bessemer, Ala., warehouse complain that the company’s aggressive performance expectations leave them little time to take bathroom breaks.

When they do get there, they face messaging from Amazon pressing its case against unionization, imploring them to vote against it when mail-in balloting begins Feb. 8.

“Where will your dues go?” reads a flier posted on the door inside a bathroom stall.

“They got right in your face when you’re using the stall,” said Darryl Richardson, a worker at the warehouse who supports the union. Another pro-union worker who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution said of Amazon’s toilet reading: “I feel like I’m getting harassed.”


Report: Watchdog Investigates Ted Cruz Over Loan Changes That Aided Billionaire Donors

Huffington Post
By Mary Papenfuss

A federal watchdog has launched an investigation into Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz over a $35 million COVID relief loan given to billionaire fracking brothers who were also top Cruz campaign contributors, Bloomberg reported.

Dan and Farris Wilks received the taxpayer-backed windfall even though their businesses were flush enough at the time to buy stakes in six other fracking companies, The Wall Street Journal reported late last year.

Cruz reportedly helped persuade then-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and the Federal Reserve to change the rules for the Main Street Lending Program to include operations like the Wilks businesses. The brothers then obtained a $35 million low-interest loan for ProFac Holdings LLC, a supplier of pumping equipment and services, according to records.

The Wilks brothers also donated $15 million to the super PAC Keeping the Promise, which backed Cruz’s 2016 presidential campaign.


Fees -- not just strategy -- blew up Trump's legal team

Scoop: Fees — not just strategy — blew up Trump's legal team

Alayna Treene, author of Sneak Peek

Disagreements over legal strategy weren't the only reason Donald Trump's defense team collapsed just days before his second impeachment trial, Axios has learned.

What we're hearing: The notoriously stingy former president and his lead lawyer, Butch Bowers, wrangled over compensation during a series of tense phone calls, sources familiar with their conversations said. The argument came even though Trump has raised over $170 million from the public that could be used on his legal defenses.

The two initially agreed Bowers would be paid $250,000 for his individual services, a figure that "delighted" Trump, one of the sources said.

However, Trump didn't realize Bowers hadn't included additional expenses — including more lawyers, researchers and other legal fees that would be accrued on the job.

More at link:


Happy Imbolc!

Tonight is the eve of Imbolc, the festival of the waxing light. Days are visibly longer. This is the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

Here is some information on the Celtic origin of Imbolc. The first link includes ways to celebrate. - Wicked Blue


Date: February 1st and/or 2nd

Other Names: Oimelc, Candlemas, St. Brigid's Day, St. Brigit's Day

Pronunciations: IM-blk

As with all Old Tradition observances, this holiday is usually celebrated beginning at sundown on February 1 and continuing through the day of February 2. Imbolc means in the belly of the Mother because that is where seeds are beginning to stir as it is Spring.

Another name for this holiday is Oimelc, meaning milk of ewes since it is also the traditional lambing season in the old world. Herd animals have either given birth to the first offspring of the year or their wombs are swollen and the milk of life is flowing into their teats and udders. It is the time of Blessing of the seeds and consecration of agricultural tools. It marks the center point of the dark half of the year.

This holiday is especially sacred to the Celtic Fire Goddess, Brigit, patron of smithcraft, healing, midwifery, and poetry. It is the festival of the Maiden, for from this day to March 21st, it is her season to prepare for growth and renewal. The Maiden is honored, as the Bride, on this Sabbat. Straw Brideo'gas (corn dollies) are created from oat or wheat straw and placed in baskets with white flower bedding. Young girls then carry the Brideo'gas door to door, and gifts are bestowed upon the image from each household. Afterwards at the traditional feast, the older women make special acorn wands for the dollies to hold, and in the morning the ashes in the hearth are examined to see if the magic wands left marks as a good omen. Brighid's Crosses are fashioned from wheat stalks and exchanged as symbols of protection and prosperity in the coming year. Home hearth fires are put out and re-lit, and a besom is place by the front door to symbolize sweeping out the old and welcoming the new. Candles are lit and placed in each room of the house to honor the re-birth of the Sun.



Fire Deities of the Celts
The two most popular deities of the ancient Celts were Brighid/Bride/Brigantia and Lugh/Lugus/Llew. Both were deities of brightness and fire. Lugh was not a Sun God as is popularly supposed; he represented brilliance in craft and in thinking and was called "master of every art." Similarly, Brighid was a Fire Goddess, mistress or patroness of arts. She was a Goddess of Healing, Smith Craft (a magical art in ancient times), and Poetry, and also a patroness of mothers (because to be a mother was to be a mistress of every art to at least a small extent).

Brighid was the Goddess invoked at Imbolc, the great Fire Festival of February 1 that celebrated the lactation of the ewes.



Also see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imbolc

Trump official hit with whistleblower complaint for 'gross mismanagement' and 'abuse of authority'

Raw Story
Sky Palma
February 01, 2021

A top Trump homeland security official is the target of a whistleblower complaint accusing him of sabotaging President Biden's immigration policies by agreeing to hand policy controls to the pro-Trump union representing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the New York Times reports.

"The complaint accuses Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II of 'gross mismanagement, gross waste of government funds and abuse of authority' over the labor agreements he signed with the immigration agents' union the day before President Biden's inauguration," the Times reports. "Mr. Cuccinelli — an immigration hard-liner whose legal legitimacy to serve in senior positions at the Department of Homeland Security was contested — essentially sought to tie Mr. Biden's hands, according to the complaint."

According to the whistleblower's lawyer David Z. Seide, the "abuse of authority is shocking." The whistleblower, his lawyer says, is a current federal employee who wishes to remain anonymous.

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