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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: US
Current location: Sonoma county
Member since: Sun Aug 16, 2020, 06:54 PM
Number of posts: 83

About Me

Mom, Speech pathologist, Democratic candidate supporter

Journal Archives

Really, right wing opinion crap from the Hill?!

The comments on this post are sickening. The Hill "article" is an opinion click piece and basically an insult to AOC. Comparing her to trump in any capacity is meant to discredit her character and accomplishments. AOC doesn't spew misogynistic, racist bilge the last time I checked, she doesn't encourage lies about election fraud and martial law, nor has she attacked election officials doing their jobs. She is constantly attacked by rightwingers for speaking the truth, so nice to see "Democrats," helping them out. It is not true that she does not "filter" her comments, which are generally intelligent, and presented extremely well.
She has been very good at taking down certain Republicans, but I guess that doesn't matter to the supposed Democrats on this site. AND, AOC IS still a Democrat, but she is continuously bashed on this forum as some sort of freak, not a sitting Democratic congresswoman deserving of any respect. She fought for $1200.00 stimulus checks non stop, but that doesn't matter to the AOC haters. The policies she supports are progressive AND far past time.
My older kids voted Democratic in this election because of people like AOC, not Pelosi or Schumer, etc. She inspires them, their friends, and many others their age. They are the future, so I suggest maybe listening to what she actually says and does before piling on the hate. I haven't read anything about AOC's stance regarding the DNC, so perhaps she should be consulted.
Really disappointed in this site's hatred of progessive Democrats, which I also happen to be. I've worked with Democratic organizations where I live in CA, donated generously to progressive Dems, and most of these comments completely disgust me.

AOC represents the future of America: Women who refuse to be silenced

Perfect response

Yes, who exactly is doing all the work during those "deliveries." It certainly isn't the physician, and mine happened to be a woman, not that it mattered, as well as a few hardworking nurses. Go Fuck yourself to hell Epstein.

That's all well and good, however

Ronald S. Lauder is an old trump friend as well as campaign donor. Fuck him.


MoMA and Frick Trustees shelled out 900K combined to trump's campaign.

Maybe you should consider

spending your winter vacation dollars elsewhere. And, there is the fact that DeSantis has demolished the state via his willful and criminal, (IMO) negligence regarding the impact of Covid on residents. It simply isn't safe to travel to Florida, or probably anywhere this winter.

So sick of Newt,

the epitome of a ratfucking Repuglican. Sick of his act since the 1990's, but he keeps sliming himself for $$$.

This is inexcusable,

and a complete clusterfuck, obviously. There are several other articles about this issue including one concerning an emergency audit of the EDD by CA lawmakers in September. Newsom created a task force to address the "EDD backlog," which was overwhelmed by the increase in unemployment requests, but that was on July 29. While many states have been having problems with unemployment claims, cutting people off from their benefits during a pandemic is pathetic, regardless of the incidence of fraudulent claims. There at least seems to be a significant amount of outrage, including from some CA lawmakers, so hopefully it will be resolved sooner than later.

There was a small bit of good news for Roxzan Macon from the 7 On Your Side posted article: "After much back and forth, we got EDD to at least send future payments to her via check - that $9,000 is still locked up."

I agree. Ignoring the fact that racist assholes are a huge issue in this country is a mistake.

They're not going to crawl back under their rocks anytime soon.

Not really that complicated,

He's a Christofascist racist, and trump is their idea of a perfect leader, regardless of their income or education.

I don't understand

the mindset of "not being very political." What is happening in this country has evolved far past politics. It is good vs evil. It seems to me that talking to your wife about this issue with her family members might be a good idea if you haven't already. I'm sorry but if they were decent people they should be concerned about maintaining family relationships and it should definitely not fall solely on your shoulders.
During the Bush years, one of my brothers became a right-wing nutcase. As it turned out, he had other despicable qualities as well and I had to say goodbye. I don't regret it. Sometimes it's very difficult to continue a relationship with a delusional, even abusive individual-which too many trump cult members are. Take care of yourself, and I hope things improve.

What the hell are you talking about?!

Those "demonstrations," were Black Lives Matter, remember? If people were "pushed towards trump," that most likely has to do with the fact they don't give a crap about POC being murdered by cops. FUX and other right-wing media lied about the protests, including the fact that proud boy, boogaloo, or other assorted right-wing brownshirts were perpetrating the violence. It wasn't blm or antifa, but you would never know that listening to corporate news. For fuck's sake, trump's personal army was "disappearing" blm protesters off the Portland city streets. That's straight up fascism.
There are wingnut majority counties in many blue states, including CA where I live. However, last time I checked Oregon's electoral votes went to Biden because the majority of voters in that state are not right-wing Assholes.
And the original post is asinine to begin with. Too many people can't seem to understand that trump's cult members are racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, etc., morons for the most part. Others are wealthy rightwingers who want to hoard this country's wealth and power via corporate capitalist fascism., including taking over the courts.
It's not the Democrats, or their "message," imperfect as they may be.
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