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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Mon Aug 17, 2020, 08:54 PM
Number of posts: 109

Journal Archives

Saw some right wingers whining about Facebook "censoring" the Kyle Rittenhouse fundraiser

I won't link but it's easy to find if you're a glutton for punishment like me.

Good for Facebook, but swearing off Facebook is not narrowly a political issue.

I (with a background in computer security stretching back to the last century) took one look when it first came out and said "no way". I know it's convenient and all that, but the security exposure should be enough to keep you away.

There are other high tech ways of staying in touch or trading photos etc that don't rely on subjecting yourself to pervasive spyware that follows you around the web.

LI Bar Is Taking Bets on Which City Will Have More Shootings Over Labor Day Weekend

LI Bar Is Taking Bets on Which City Will Have More Shootings Over Labor Day Weekend

The battle against gun violence has plagued every city across the country, and on Labor Day in particular, New York City usually has to contend with a higher than average number of shootings.

Now a bar on Long Island is making a game out of the violence, and the struggle to quell it.

Patchogue bar The Cliffton posted their sick game on Facebook, pitting NYC against Chicago. The chart is set up like a typical Super Bowl pool, with patrons picking the number of shootings each city will see, and winning money if they choose the right numbers. Beneath the scoreboard, it says "let the shooting sprees begin!"

Mayor Paul Pontieri called the wagering "foolish at best and disgusting at its worst because it isn't what we are about." Pontieri is urging the police and state liquor authority to get involved, given that gambling at the establishment is illegal.


Didn't know this was still alive. Good.

House mounts last-ditch bid for Trump's financial records (MSN)

If an appeals court does not grant Congress access to President Donald Trump's financial records quickly, lawmakers will "almost certainly" miss their chance to review them before the end of Trump's term, House Counsel Doug Letter argued Monday.

In a new filing with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, Letter urged the judges to resist calls to send the case back to a lower court and instead resolve the matter which began with a subpoena in April 2019 promptly.

"If this Court does not resolve this case now, the Trump Plaintiffs will almost certainly have succeeded in blocking the 116th Congress from obtaining any documents pursuant to its subpoena," Letter wrote.


About Melania replacing the Obamas' toilet.

I speculate that it was nothing against the Obamas at all, but that she and her husband are very very particular about what is a proper toilet.

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