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Member since: Wed Aug 26, 2020, 10:03 PM
Number of posts: 4,746

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May need to limit my time on DU, so if I don't get back to you right away, it's not personal. I've been ON DU so much I got a lot of other stuff to do. See ya' soon.

Journal Archives

Who the Hell is Liz Wheeler?

Supposedly she is the "Gospel Truth Speaker" about all things Trump and Democrat.

My son is trying to get me to listen to her so I will be glad when Trump gets elected.

Otherwise the DEMS will turn the US into a Socialist State and the country will crash and burn. PER my extremely stupid son.

He takes after his father. An abusive asshat who tried to kill me once or twice and died alone by his own choice OD on drugs.

My heart hurts that Trump is still there spouting lies and letting people die.

How do you wage peace against such an evil mechanism as he has set up?

I want to believe in the good that can happen and that is one thing when people just disagree about the best cause of action and are looking at consequences of any particular path to freedom and peace.

But this man KNOWS Covid is airborne. Has since January and is still telling people not to wear masks.

He doesn't believe SCIENCE knows the answers but he is certain that Medical Science can come up with a CURE like "that" because he needs it by election time.

He has let almost 200,000 Americans die and says that it's not so bad if you don't count the blue states. Isn't the President supposed to be for ALL the People, not just his base supporters? That's the job, right? To do the best you can for the WHOLE country? Not just the 1% who bought and paid for your election?

Peacemakers, find me some hope. I'm dying here and I have to go to work. I trust someone will have something intelligent to say and it will make my day. Thanks in advance.

Greg Smith for President 2028

Kid was a child prodigy and is 26 now but he is very inspiring and DOES want to be President some day. We need to recruit him.

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