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Member since: Sun Aug 30, 2020, 07:27 AM
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Non-believers, non-Catholics, please take note.

Welcome to the Catholic & Orthodox Group. This is a safe haven group where discussions about Catholicism and Orthodoxy take place in a forum free from gratuitous attacks or derision of religion and religious beliefs. There are other places for those who really like to do that. Our focus is on the beliefs and traditions of Catholicism and Orthodoxy. For the rest, welcome, and pax vobiscum. Peace be among you.

Constructive criticism of the politics of the Catholic hierarchy is permitted, but no incendiary attacks on the Catholic and/or Orthodox faiths will be tolerated.

I have seen more than a few posters violating these rules, and while everyone is welcome to their opinion, this is not the place for them. Please note where you are before making a post or responding. You are more than welcome to cross-post one of our links in Religion and discuss it there.

Thank you.

Look who's famous.


A mother was kicked out of the Crown Choice Inn and Suites by the hotel owner in Mackinaw City, Michigan after the toilet in her room flooded. The hotel owner is seen shouting at her and calls her a 'dumb Democrat' in his rant.
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