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Sigmund Freud said it in 1927 on why Biden cannot "move forward" and why trump and...

his family, associates, enablers must face justice.

If we turn to those restrictions that apply only to certain classes of society, we meet with a state of things which is flagrant
and which has always been recognized. It is to be expected that these underprivileged classes will envy the favoured ones their
privileges and will do all they can to free themselves from their own surplus of privation. Where this is not possible, a permanent
measure of discontent will persist within the culture concerned and this can lead to dangerous revolts.
~~ Sigmund Freud - "The Future of an Illusion"

The discontent may not lead to revolt as perceived in a violent form, but as a lack of confidence in Democratic voters, I feel that most would feel they have been used and betrayed which would be very harmful for the next set of elections.
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