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'It is like drink-driving': Jrgen Klopp says anti-vaxxers endanger others

Jürgen Klopp is the manager of the English football club Liverpool. It is a great way to see the anti-vaxxers.

Jürgen Klopp has launched an attack on people who refuse coronavirus vaccinations by comparing them to drink-drivers and saying they are to blame if others catch Covid from them.

The Liverpool manager accused the anti-vaccination movement of ignoring the experts and endangering others while making disingenuous claims about a loss of freedom to justify their stance.
“I don’t take the vaccination only to protect me, I take the vaccination to protect all the people around me. I don’t understand why that is a limitation of freedom because, if it is, then not being allowed to drink and drive is a limitation of freedom as well. I got the vaccination because I was concerned about myself but even more so about everybody around me. If I get [Covid] and I suffer from it: my fault. If I get it and spread it to someone else: my fault and not their fault.”
Klopp called for greater openness about vaccination statuses in the interests of safety. “We are not allowed to ask people if they are vaccinated but I’m allowed to ask a taxi driver: ‘Are you drunk?’ If he says: ‘I don’t have to tell you,’ then I say: ‘OK, I don’t drive with you.’ If I show up in the office drunk, they can send me home or even sack me but we are not allowed to ask people. I might be really naive but I don’t understand it.”

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